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Remember when Flash was expensive and camera manuals included a table of how many photos of each size and quality you could store in 16M card.

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Really is there no current news. I have a box full of old camera available for review.

If you are going to review old cameras lets dig up the worst of the bunch - there would be a lot to chose from and lets remind ourselves how much we paid in 1990 dollars for them,

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I keep wanting to like Adobe products but their user interface is ugly & complicated and feels like it was lifted from Adobe Illustrator of the 90's which was truly offal.

I have tried a few version of Elements, each with some minor features that were for me not especially valuable, each retaining the ugly UI.

The only value of Elements is it has greater plug-in support than Corel Paintshop pro does.

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Of course very few if any of these cameras can pass the Pocket test, and I do not really think much of wedging an $700 1.5 inch thick Sony into my jeans. Is that a camera in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

Personally if you cannot get it into your pocket then I really does not matter if it 3 inches deep and 10 ounces or 10 inches deep and 2 lbs. it is going into some kind of a bag.

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I wonder if they fixed the awful Nikon menu and control systems, I sold my D300 years ago, just too annoying and slow to use.

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On article Inching forward? Canon PowerShot G5 X review posted (404 comments in total)

I fail to see the point of an $800 camera that you cannot slip into your pocket. If I want an $800 camera that does not slip into my pocket I will buy a DLSR.

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keepreal: For a while I was considering a Sony but the ultra wide angle lenses I would have wanted are awful. What is the point of a superb camera such as the A7 II with such a mediocre and limited choice of lenses, also less ambitious models? I know you can use an adapter for quality lenses such as from Leica, but then you lose the automation.

For APC-C there are lots of choices including the really wide Sigma 8-16MM.

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I see little value in an expensive camera that is too big to fit into your pocket. If I have to wear it around my neck or carry in in a bag it might just as well be an SLR.

$800 will buy you a pretty nice SLR that will still have a bigger sensor and take better pictures.

The viewfinder looks like an afterthought

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Hawaii-geek: Sony badly needs a Nikon like "My Menu" ...

and , add another line (so it's at least 3 rows) in the Fn pop up Menu.

So, I "never" have to go into the menus.

Sony also needs a Nikon like Alpha Numeric tag on each menu item.
like A1, B3 etc
and have those Tags "Exactly" the same in ALL Sony cameras.

So, when someone says C3 "everyone" knows exactly what menu item they are talking about. :)

I agree with the Nikon comments I sold my Nikons for Sony a long time ago, the Sony menus are an order of magnitude simpler. The first thing I do with a new Sony camera is take the manual and stuff it into the bottom cabinet never to be opened it is not need it.

The Nikon mess was evident when I was demoing a new Nikon in a camera store and it took three staff get the camera out of the mode it had been set into...

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Does anyone know what a High Sensitivity MOS sensor is. Is it a standard CMOS design or a BSI-CMOS.

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I believe that the "stacked" sensor only improves its video performance and is 4K capable by added DRAM onto the sensor.

Both it and its previous version are BSI sensors so one would expect that the still imaging performance would be largely the same.

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Just wondering if they image the whole sensor. Sony's other18M cameras have a 19M total sensor this email one has a 21M sensor. This makes wonder if they reduced the image area slightly to allow them to shrink the lens. Smaller image area smaller lens.

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jwhig: "Canon's new EF 11-24mm F4 L wideangle zoom lens is Canon's widest ever rectilinear zoom by some margin"

You mean the widest FULL FRAME zoom lens. The 10-22 EF-S is wider.

Probably not as wide as my Sigma 8-16mm

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TFD: Not to be a doubting Thomas but a 24-600MM eq. lens on a 1 inch sensor camera would be 50% bigger than the lens on the FZ1000.

This camera does not look that big and I question if a lens of this range for a 1" sensor would be technically or financially doable.

There maybe a marketing slight of hand that Canon has done before to not actually image across the entire sensor.

Maybe in Diameter but not in length. The focal length of a lens is defined at the distance between the optical center of the lens and the film plane.

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Not to be a doubting Thomas but a 24-600MM eq. lens on a 1 inch sensor camera would be 50% bigger than the lens on the FZ1000.

This camera does not look that big and I question if a lens of this range for a 1" sensor would be technically or financially doable.

There maybe a marketing slight of hand that Canon has done before to not actually image across the entire sensor.

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smphoto58: I was not aware of this body until today. This is an answer to my prayers. I HATE menus, always have. I have been using a D700 for the last 4 years and I STILL cannot get used to them. Nor do I like command dials either. I began using Nikon equipment in 1974 with the F2 and I still have it along with the MD2/MB1. I would bet I have put close to a mile of film through it since then. Since then I have added and F4, Nikkormat FT3 and Nikonos V. My D700 is used I manual about 99% of the time. For me it is nothing more than a digital version of my F2 or F4,

All of my Nikkors, from 16mm f/2.8 fisheye to 600mm f/4 are AI/AIS so this fits perfectly. Although Nikon does not offer interchangeable focusing screens, does. I ordered a microprism screen from them before my D700 ever arrived.

Thank you Nikon for catering to your long time loyal followers!

Nikon has never been able to practical interfaces on digital cameras too confusing too many menus. I sold my Nikon and bought a Sony, the interface is so elegant and straight forward I have never opened the manual

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On article Video preview of the Canon Powershot G7 X (77 comments in total)

Nice but I think Sony trumps them in two areas, Video and Panoramas. From my experience no one is as good at Panoramas as Sony.

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I have both photoshop and paintshop pro. I confess I prefer the Corel user interface much more that any adobe products. All of the Photoshop products feel like their interface was lifted from the 1980's Adobe Illustrator which no mortal could decipher.

I find myself using Paintshop for this reason, their image browsering function better, however X2 was the better than X6.

My only compliant is about plug-in compatibility

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forpetessake: "24-120mm equivalent F2.0-3.9 lens"

When manufacturers lie it's call an advertisement. But of all sites DPR should know better than repeating the lies and leading the ignorant readers astray. The lens is 12.5-62.5mm F2.0-3.9, not the stated equivalent. The FF equivalent lens would be 24-120mm F3.8-7.5 -- a big difference.


Technically - The f-number N is given by
N = \frac{f}{D} \ where f is the focal length, and D is the diameter of the entrance pupil and is independent of the imaging area.

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37,000 vs 8500 is not a order of magnitude

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