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It's a phone people. A PHONE. Telephone. Multi-functional sure enough, but it's still a phone. Ooops. I forgot i'm talking to the 21st century. You're all right. Everyone should have all the latest tech all the time everywhere always. Sheesh.

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bernardly: I want minimum 10 MP DSLR image quality and a 24–120mm equivalent focal length zoom lens with a constant f/2.8 aperture and pleasing bokeh! Put this in the upcoming 2016 iPhone 7. Come on Apple, think different; hire particle physicists; bend photon paths with fields; it's possible with Q.E.D. Photons are bosons and at 1/40° Kelvin they can be manipulated into a Bose-Einstein condensate.

If a sideways periscope style array was used I'm sure it's possible. But, you might need a bigger battery for the 100Kw power demand.

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Bubble Wrap (free - $2.00)
Scissors ($4.99 (if your finger (free) can't make an adequate hole.)
Total approximate cost $6.99

The ability to make "Soap Bubble Bokeh" on any lens (Priceless)

(I'm not joking, I have been doing this for more than 20 years and It works well, try with different styles of bubble wrap for different effects. Strong specular highlights help, and pricier clear bubble wrap produces better results)

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On article Manfrotto adds friction arms to its accessory lineup (11 comments in total)

**Cough** ..NOGA.. *Cough** ...Cheaper. **Cough* Cough* and *Cough* ..Better.

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Copyrighted public buildings, really? I think the rule that needs to change is the copyright of public works rather than the permission asking necessary for commercial work. It's ridiculous that, a building built for the public and most of the time with some public funds should be copyrighted to the extent of protection from picture taking. You can't just copy a building, and if you do I'm pretty sure some one would notice. So what the heck is the point of copyrighting something which is built out of materials and on land we as humans don't actually own. Even though cities and such have been around for centuries, the idea of land "ownership" is slightly overstretched, I see it as a long term lease, in return for stewardship. Furthermore, If I can't help but look at some of these copyrighted monstrosities, because they obstruct my view of the sky and heavens, then I should be able to do with it as I wish short of destruction and defacement.

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