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Mike FL: Regardless of the improvement sensor SNR, Sony Alpha lost 30% of the light which going to sensor right on the front.

Lost 30% of the light is all SONY Alpha about.

The a77 lost about 30% of the light corresponding to half a stop (log(base2)0.7)
See the second graph in this link (45 degree angle)

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On article What is equivalence and why should I care? (2467 comments in total)

From the Sensitivity equivalence paragraph:
" By comparison, in good light, the generally larger pixels of a large sensor will tend to give cleaner images, without any dependence on aperture."

Why was pixel size brought into the discussion?

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SeeRoy: Wotta lotta twaddle here - the usual endless piffle about FL/Aperture equivalence. I don't use a Nikon 1 system (I own FX and M4/3) however I did buy, and have used, a V1 system for a woman friend as an alternative to her Canon DSLR. And I wouldn't be likely to buy this overpriced lens even if I was a CX system user.
I agree that the existing cameras fall well short of what they might easily have been; many people might have been prepared to overlook the limitations imposed by the choice of sensor size had the ergonomics been better. However I feel it's likely that, given the rapid development in sensor technology, before too long we'll see a Nikon CX range that meets the requirements of many of its current critics.
There's a lot wrong with my OMD too but it doesn't stop me finding it a much more enjoyable experience than an FX body with a 2.8 zoom attached.
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Because they understand that noise per area is independent of pixel size at these pixel dimensions.

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On article Apple and Google teaming up to buy Kodak patents (42 comments in total)
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Klipsen: I hope it means someone will start manufacturing rear mounted wideangle converters - apparently a Kodak patent that never resulted in any actual product.

It would enable the use of full frame lenses on APS-C cameras with no crop factor. In fact, with the proper converter, it would be possible to use full frame lenses on, say, the Nikon 1 series or other small sensor formats.

Contrary to teleconverters, it would actually gain one or more f-stops, light being concentrated over a smaller area.

I believe the patent covers focal reducers in systems with a mirror in the light path. Iow, I suppose such converters could be build for mirrorless systems without violating the patent? Seems like such an obvious idea.

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On photo Men at work in the Silhouette Portraits challenge (1 comment in total)

The description without typos (I hope ): Two men setting up a fence using a manual fence post driver.

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