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On article Focus Stacking in Macro Photography (131 comments in total)

I take my hat-off for all people like Erez Marom who are willing to put so many efforts in making stacked macro shots with equipment that is basically not designed or suited for the task.

It comes in mind that as soon as lightfield cameras can deliver higher image resolutions all this stacking fuzz and the need to limit to shoot only objects that behaves if they are already dead will be passed forever.

If you are not familiar with lightfield systems you can read about it in this wiki:

I think this is the future.


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Hi folks,

Many people with little or no experience with 3D shooting think that the lens separation of two lenses for 3D shooting always should be approx. 65 mm.

They are wrong.

The proper lens separation is for the most part depending on the distance between the camera and objects closeby and the distance to objects further away and can vary a lot.

When shooting 3D inside a house with objects closeby of 0.8-1 meter and far away objects of 5-6 meter then a lens seperation of 30-40 mm is often, depending on much more factors then just the distance to the objects, fine. I guess this is exactly the 3D range this camcorder is designed for.

When shooting macro, another goal of this camcorder, then you can't have objects in the scene at 0.4 m closeby and other objects at 1 meter, so then all objects must have approx. the same distance from the lens and if this is the case you can get perfectly away shooting at less then 0.5 meter with 30-40 mm lens seperation.

to be continued...

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When shooting outdoor it is the same as indoor shooting, the distance to closeby objects is the number one parameter for the lens seperation so when shooting to object closeby then again 30-40mm lens seperation is fine.

Yes, when shooting on top of a hill with the closest tree or lump of stone at 500 m distance then the 3D effect with this camcorder is almost zero but please keep in mind that with such conditions even 65mm lens seperation is far from enough.

Bottom line, shooting 3D is really a matter of choices, you can't have it all with one fixed setup and regarding this all major manufacturers of 3D gear are knowing exactly what they are doing.

That said it is a pity and a big shame that none of them don't have an open and transparant communicating with the market and teach them about the problems and issues of shooting 3D to get more understanding, if they did you would immidiatly understand why 30-40 mm for a 3D camcorder is fine.

Happy 3D shooting,

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