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Abdo: old and silly discussion .... film is over ....

For film - you will always be able to see - at least the negative.
For digital - you assume that computers, programs, peripherals, etc. etc. will be available that will work with your old files so you can view them.

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I still have my Nikon F100 - great camera. And when Nikon came out with the D200, I snapped it up immediately because looking at it you could see it had a similar layout - which continues with the D300 and D800. Granted there is a lot in the digital that is not there in the F but then that makes the F simpler to operate.

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Jozef M: Color space: sRGB ??? Really???????

should read DNG (not DG).You apply the colorspace in the RAW processor ACR, etc.

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Jozef M: Color space: sRGB ??? Really???????

sRGB only applies to JPEGs, DG (RAW) files do not have a color space

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feanolas: Come on, this is not a crippled M240, this is the new M line strategy.

Before the appearance of the SL, Leica had only the M to try to fulfill the requirements of all the photographers that wanted LV and video and whatever... Now, they have the SL for that.

Want a rangefinder, get a M262 and go take pictures.
Want a body that does all the rest and more, get an SL.

It is an clever move: it simplifies the M line... and it forces people to buy a SL on top if they want to do more than pure RF photo: where you could buy a M240 for 6000, now you will have to buy a M262 for 5000 and an SL for 7000!

in the "digital"world,anything and everything is obsolete before it hits the shelves.It's a continual rat race to spend more and buy something else that has some some new gimmick. This is a back to the basics camera for taking photos (using digital means) without all the extraneous doodads.

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