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Kodachrome200: I honestly dont know why anyone defends leica. there two latest inventions are an $8000 dollar camera body that can only take black and white pictures with lacklustre technology and 50mm f/2 prime lens that also cost $8000. You can buy them both for the cost the finest camera in the world and a selection of the finest lenses that would make most pros jealous and most any other photographic tools you could want and you could still probably throw in a reliable used car. Of course then you wouldnt have a camera that only took black and white pictures and 1 50mm prime lens.

the absolutely maddening thing is a bunch of people are gonna respond with how crappy traditional dslrs are and how it is absolutely worth it to forgo that dreamlist of gear in order to have this

Very high quality monochrome CCD cameras are very common in scientific instruments. Our Apogee U4000 was $13000 when we bought it and is still around $5000 new. This is for a 4 MP sensor. I won't say that this Leica has a scientific quality CCD, but it is not unbelievable that a monochrome camera could cost $8000.

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