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My HTC One M8 has a similar function by enabling the point of focus to be set after the shot has been captured. However, I can't do anything with an edited shot; I can't print it out. It can only be viewed in-camera. Does this latest incarnation enable the results to be downloaded and saved?

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" compact at just 12cm x 12.7cm (4.7in x 5in)" Anything of these dimensions is a drawing on a sheet of paper, or two sides of a triangle. What about the all import third dimension? Is this poor proof reading by DPR, or a Kodak original blunder?

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Mariano Pacifico: How much is Huawei in the blackmarket for the Leica of it?

Mariano, nice play on words.

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FuhTeng: $3,000? Dear me. I'll never understand the appeal of this and that price makes it look like a joke.

It doesn't only look like a joke, it is one. :D)

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Aaron801: I don't really get a product like this... If I want the very best quality and flexibility with motion picture stuff, I'll get the latest and greatest 4k video cam that has all of the features for that. If I like the idea of shooting old super 8 film, it's likely because I have a nostalgic connection to it, in which case, I'm going to want an old, low-tech (by today's standards) camera. Not to mention the fact that even a really good one of these old cameras is likely to be really cheap, which will mean that I'll have plenty of money left over for the film and processing... which is going to be expensive.

I see a product like this attempting to be a couple of different things at once and failing at all of them; It's not going to be the best performing camera, nor is it going to satisfy a wish to use a medium that feels very vintage/retro...

Menneisyys, And this is the point. Whilst Super-8 film is available, why wouldn't you prefer to shoot with your far more technically competent Canon? Hardware costs are nil as you already have the camera, and if you did ever want a digital copy, well services exist to do this for you.

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I have to admit I simply don't get it. Why shoot cine only to have it converted to video? Cine to digital video conversions are fine for those with old cine collections and who want the convenience of viewing on their pc or tv and who don't want the fuss of using old projectors. And I'd guess that the vast majority of those who may consider this product won't be buying projectors. Digital video is so inexpensive in comparison, has lip synch sound and offers much, much better quality and isn't limited to around 3m 20secs of recording time before needing to change film.

For exactly the same reasons why video eventually killed off domestic cine, this product is doomed. The only good thing, potentially, will be the supply of film stock for those who wish to dig out their cherished Super-8 cameras for another outing. But at least they will know what they are letting themselves in for, having been there and done it.

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Edmond Leung: impressive!
I still have my old Beaulieu 4008ZM4 and Nikon R10 but without using them since the introduction of Super-VHS.
Beaulieu 4008ZM4 was the perfect super 8 camera but the battery was too bad! Up to now, no camera can be compared with the design of the Beaulieu 4008ZM4.
Both Beaulieu 4008ZM4 and Nikon R10 are silent cameras. Might be it is time to consider this new Kodak...

"Beaulieu 4008ZM4 was the perfect super 8 camera". Other than the ergonomically horrendous pistol grip, I'd agree. Oh, and the horrible twin voltage battery. But despite these drawbacks, yes, a wonderful camera with a lovely Schneider Opti-varon 6-66 lens. By the way, there was a sound version in the 4008 series.

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MaxiMax: I'm 54 and I grew up with film photography, vinyl records and audio cassettes. Today, I really don't miss the old analog days. Evolution moves only in one direction, never back. Digital technology is far more better, and I really don't understand all the latest hypes about analog technologies in image and sound. Nostalgia must be the only explanation.

Cassettes needn't always be terrible, they just needed a top quality recorder to get the best out of them. Recordings I made using my Nakamichi 700 Mark II using chrome tape sound every bit as good as those I made on my Brenell STB1 reel to reel.

I agree with you comment about using cine film today.

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On article Canon launches refillable ink printers in the UK (131 comments in total)

I think that the UK pricing shows what we've known for years - Canon et al make money from the replacement inks. Sell cheap printers and charge champagne prices for the inks. Here, the new top model costs £300 and isn't even a proper photo quality printer that most dpreview readers need but, hey, it takes cheaper ink. Blow me down with a feather.

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tinetz: Uhm, sorry. My ability to read highly complicated business graphs may be insufficient to come to the same conclusion as the author. Don't equal and higher sales in the first two thirds of the calender year just level out a slight decrease in November? Isn't it just a flatter graph and the total sumfor the year might be even higher than at least the year before? Might it be just a maturing market, and couldn't the revenue per item be also higher? Compacts and phone cameras eating away the cheap entry DSCs, with little profit anyways? I'm sure someone can tell me why this isn't the case, right?

It's well known that stats can be manipulated to mean whatever an author wants.

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PieterB: Suppose I have shot several pictures and some small video fragments and I want to make a small video out of it and I want to publish this on social media. Nothing fancy, nothing too complicated, nothing really professional.
On my Samsung S8, this will take me ten minutes and it is up and ready to upload.
If I shot the same stuff on my Sony a6300 (or practically every camera on the market), I would a pc, some editing software to get the same result. Admittedly, the end result would be better but facebook and instagram are real quality killers so I doubt anybody would spot the difference once post on said social media.
I can even edit dng pictures on my mobile phone. But I need a pc to do the same with pictures taken with my camera.
The camera manufacturers still don't get what most casual shooters need and want.
They want to share stuff easily and without fuss.

When there are those who will happily spend £1,000 on an Apple phone rather than £500 each on an otherwise excellent phone and camera, you really know that a cameraphone really is all they need and IQ never enters their minds.

Having been eliminated from the entry/mid level point and shoot market, manufacturers have upped their game with higher priced entry/mid level compacts, and we have been seeing new cameras hitting the shelves with prices that stretch the pockets of even real enthusiasts, so is it any wonder that the camera market continues to shrink?

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tkbslc: So why would you get this instead of adapting the existing M-mount pancake one that is actually cheaper?

+1 for the 35 f/1.7.

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Thoughts: Did Voigtlander sack the guy who designed latest 35mm f1.7 and 50mm f1.5? These new lenses' design is very underwhelming.

Why would you wish for someone to lose their job just because you didn't like the design of a lens and which, in all probability, you wouldn't be buying anyway? Just a thought.

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Mal69: Only four pics, that’s like watching a whodunnit flick and not seeing the ending, did the owl fall, did it have a happy ending and stay on the branch, come on I wanna know!

Don't worry, animal welfare specialists were on hand just in case he fell. My guess is he fell and gently glided into the down-lined safety net that was there, just in case. He got a 10 score for his descent and a slap-up meal as a reward for agreeing to participate in the shoot. :D)

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riknash: Do they do an "All In - Pimped Out" limited version?

Gold versions are clearly a display of ostentation, but would you agree not as bad as this red one? :D)

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AbrasiveReducer: Andy Warhol would have loved it. They should be able to unload 100 red cameras in Asia and if it goes well, next year we can expect a limited edition in a (tasteful) paisley.

True he did, but I'm guessing that the reference was to Warhol's style, not the camera he used. If one likes pics of Campbell's soup cans, then this Leica may appeal.

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riknash: Do they do an "All In - Pimped Out" limited version?

But none as aesthetically puerile as this, surely?

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Health warning: sunglasses or ND filter mandatory.

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kodachromeguy: The original Kodak Retina Reflex used a similar lens system with changeable front components or convertible lenses (German: Wechselobjektiv). The rear unit contained the leaf shutter. I wonder if these new Lomo lenses use the same Schneider formulas as those older convertible lenses?

Yes, it was the DKL mount system, also used in the Voigtlander Bessamatic. I say "system" but the basic mount was altered slightly to prevent the lenses being used on different makes of camera. However, with a little machining, it is possible to achieve.

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lylejk: Yeah; giving no attribution to the actual person(s) that took the original photo and passing this work as your own for commercial gain is, well, criminal. :)

An interesting essay on plagiarism.

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