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Falko: Best resume for me:

The Canon EOS R is a full-frame mirrorless camera that both impresses and disappoints. On the plus-side it delivers good-looking photos, has a promising new mount with two exotic lenses at launch, great video autofocus, and the best performance from adapted EF lenses on a mirrorless camera. On the downside, there’s no built-in stabilisation, only a single SD card slot, severely cropped 4k video, modest action shooting capabilities, and lacklustre face and eye-detection - plus those first native lenses don’t exactly make for a compact system. Be under no illusions, if you’re not brand-loyal and are simply looking for the most capable full-frame mirrorless camera around, then the Sony A7 III comfortably out-performs it in almost every regard, has way more native lenses and also does a fair job with adapted EF lenses; it’s slightly cheaper too. If you’re a faithful Canon owner though, the EOS R becomes more compelling and is their best mirrorless camera to date.

Pretty much. No one mentions the EVF, full touchscreen, articulating touchscreen, shutter closing when changing lenses, etc.

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I have both lenses at my disposal. The Canon 35L clearly renders a smoother bokeh when doing full body portrait shots. No questions asked. The Sigma's bokeh is "nervous" in behavior. From what I've read this is one of the pitfalls of making a lens sharper. Scale both down to web resolution and the 35L is more pleasing. IMHO.

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