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At first glance Enet-PAT looks sharper but the replacement textures do not match or represent a true image. If there is no data, you can't make data up. for TV upsampling it may give a sharper perceived image. There will be cases were the AI replacement textures will be incorrect and look distracting. Up sampling old movies is not always needed because 35mm film can have very good resolution. It depends on what is available for conversion.

So what will the typical one pixel picture of a UFO look like after being AI processed?
A shiny beautiful craft with lots of complex plumbing and grey aliens with big eyes.

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Apple has introduced an incompatible file format. WHAT A PAIN. I just took a bunch of pictures and found out I can not use the files. Dragging 100's of pictures to this site is not practical. The compatibility switch in IOS only creates a low resolution preview. YOU CAN NOT get your full image conveniently. Upgrading the MAC to high sierra is NOT practical either because too many applications break with it. Even apples own fusion drives on the iMac do not work with high sierra. Adobe does not support this file format yet. REALLY APPLE ....ITS SUPPOSED TO BE EASIER NOT HARDER

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On article Beta: try out our new 'light' color scheme (722 comments in total)

Dark is better. Don't wast your labor hours developing it. it's too harsh to view images with a light background.

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It will get abused to sensor or charge money to take a picture.
Someone should come up with a GPS location shifter to defeat it.

Why don't you invent useful things rather than enabling this kind of junk.

Keep your old cameras they will be worth more if this ever gets implemented.

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Nikon-Freak: dont see myself using this on weddings and foto sessions.. size still matters, no matter what people say or think.. this system is nice for the show of amateurs and for people without that much imagination.. personaly i think that the mirrorless idea is great, but please.. build it in normal Camaras..
Nikon ? wake up !!!

It not intended for that. Get a big DSLR for wedding photography.
It's a light camera with a better sensor and response than a point & shoot super zoom. I have my big DSLR and small P&S cameras and know what they can do and get great results. I have a great imagination and get great photographs regardless of the camera it's perhaps you who's lost your imagination!

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Razgriz: So many ranting people.

Why not wait until it comes out, pick one up, try the functions, press the buttons, zoom in and out, then take a few pictures, then download, view themm then make an honest description on what you like or dislike.
Then if its rubbish, then say so, not slag it off until then.
Stop moaning!!!!

I agree.

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