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Sometimes companies can go to any extent to brainstorm in their boardrooms and come up with really crappy ideas / products! A perfect example is this!

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photomedium: My goodness, the outpour of outrage for the closure of a business!
Many more serious problems in the world and really real tragedies in India alone.

U r the one who needs a chill very badly! The manner in which you said real tragedies occur only in India made me write the comment!

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photomedium: My goodness, the outpour of outrage for the closure of a business!
Many more serious problems in the world and really real tragedies in India alone.

This is a website dedicated to photography and so its illogical to comment on global issues. For commenting on those, you may go to the likes of CNN, Daily Mail where you will have all the time to comment on global problems!
Pls don't make India as an epicenter for tragedies - its happening around the world!

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arijit talukder: The first and the last shot is nice , rest seems to ordinary to be featured !

Truly agree! The rest are the same shots we have come to see. High time DP showcased some really outstanding works!

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Amazing image! I am a novice and wanted to know whether you first do evaluative metering, compose your photograph, get the right focus and then put the filters so as not to confuse the camera in metering. Do you shoot with different optical densities of filters so as to get the right shot or do you resort to any calculation?

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3systermuser: this really is a terrible thing, Laos is a very extremely primitive country , and I do not trust made in Laos quality, I'd much prefer to have made in Thailand cameras over made in Laos toys.
I think I might have to consider boycotting all Nikon products.
I do not want to have some serious camera made in primitive third world country like Laos , Burma or North Korea, it really affects on reliability and QC seriously.

by the way,do not confuse Laos with Thailand , Thailand is a great country and it is definitely much more developed nation than Laos.

I am sure you would have banned Iphone since it is made in China, your underwears since it is made in Bangladesh, your clothes since it is made in Pakistani mills...poor thing! You have a long way to go child!

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John P.: I'm just curious about the longevity of the Samsung products vs. the Apple products. I've know some folks who had Samsung phones that didn't last long..they became defective, etc. I'm still using an Iphone 3Gs (ok..call me cheap), and it's over 3 and a half years old and still works great and holds it charge for a very long time. Any comments on this??

u r right in the sense that the long term durability of the Iphone 3Gs is unmatched!

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Have a handy cam rather than carrying a block of rubber coated on magnesium alloy if u want to shoot videos. Sad to see that the so called photographers have turned to Video graphers!

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Octane: The amount of complaining here is just hilarious. People realize that this is not the camera they need or want and who is at fault? Of course Nikon for making a camera that does not fit their imaginary need. Or maybe you just can't afford $3k plus another $4k for a decent set of FX lenses? Sorry, but that is not Nikon's fault that you can't afford it. Good luck finding the imaginary dream camera that is only made for you and costs $1200 and comes with lenses that are all under $500 and all have VR and are super sharp at f/1.2.

Seriously, if you don't need 36 mp, you are welcome to use a D700 which is still a very good camera. You can't afford full frame? Fine, buy the excellent D7000 and take amazing photos with it. Stop this complaining about a camera that you don't need or can't afford.

Well said octane...for those who gripe at something u can't afford buy a chinese duplicate and get an orgasmic happiness out of it...what say? these products are for people who want the best in this business and not for a point and shoot purpose!

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