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fdfgdfgdgf: looks very sharp. Does it use the "old" nikon d7000 sensor?

I have a suggestion about the outfit of the reviewer.
I think maintaining a uniform for all of your videos would help create brand consistency. The pattern shirt distracts me from an otherwise excellent presentation.

A black shirt & black slacks would be enough to maintain the color scheme of the brand.

Just a suggestion. Impressions mean a lot!

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Provia_fan: Sure, because photography is all about megapixels. I can see photographers in their thousands dropping their Leafs and Hassies running towards these phones, that can make even the worst photographer in the world a great one, by allowing to reframe, crop....essential go out and kill the "moment" in photography....

I propose a real test, drop Nick Jojola with this one out of a plane but with a brick tied around his neck and lets see if he still captures "the perfect moment...on a phone".... Ok it's not a test... :D

PS: Have you noticed that everytime they say his name in that silly phone photography shoot in mid air it sounds like Nick Cajones? :D

lxstorm: because film is a consistent "sensor" across bodies, not to mention full frame. the closest thing for digital at this point is most likely m4/3 or aps-c - ala sony nex, oly ep, pana gf/gx.

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tesch: This looks like it came right from Canon.

its called a press release.

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08rvtraveller: "The new, revolutionary FUJIFILM X-Pro1 Digital Camera has won four awards during the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week."

No mention on dpreview news - it's not a Canon I guess!

For those not familiar, Exposure Live Preview is when shooting setting adjustments are instantly reflected on the exposure shown in live view.

This feature has immense impact on handling. You essentially must rely on an exposure meter and sample shots as your primary means of judging exposure as you do when shooting through the viewfinder.

This process of shooting stands in contrast to live view, which psychologically mimicks the final shot due to seeing your composition where you also review it. In this case, if the live view image and the taken image differ, it leads to confusion and a dampened shooting experience.

I handled a Panasonic LX-5 recently. I usually shoot a Ricoh GRD3.

For whatever reason, the LX-5 live view showed an underexposed preview, with shooting settings that should have reflected a neutral exposure.

With the GRD, the live view reflects your f-stop/ss/iso. It makes shooting feel superior to the LX-5 (even if the LX-5 took better pictures).

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Showing hands-on usage of the camera and configuration is intrinsically better with video.

We are somehow gaining the feeling of experience just by watching. It involves us more. Tactility is also able to be shown. Half the experience of using the camera in one video.

I think this is due largely in part to the neutral backdrop and even lighting.
You should exaggerate or increase the volume of the handler as he manipulates the camera. Let us hear the "click" of the lens as it locks into the body, or the mush of a poor rubberized button.

The narrators voice is great. Clean, sharp, and the accent works.
Comfortably fitting for any tech related review.

I'm not a fan of the intro animation. The angles do nothing for me. However, the sweeping fade transition from title to the camera scene is great.

An idea for the handling of the camera is perhaps a PoV-style where left and right hands appear to protrude from behind the recording camera which would decrease blocking our view.

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