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eljamoquio: Is Fuji still lying about it's ISO, so people who don't do in-depth tests are fooled?

if it only shows up in in-depth tests, then why should anyone care? There's more to the cameras than their ISO performance.

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JDThomas: Funny. People will complain when camera bodies don't have AF fine-tuning built-in AND they complain when a lens manufacturer offers a solution for all cameras.

You wasted a lot of keystrokes...

"Funny. People will complain."

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Fuji seem to be using firmware updates as a method to keep their cameras at the top of news blogs these days, which I guess is commendable compared to Sony's tactic of just releasing a new camera to do the same thing.
I am yet to buy my first mirrorless, but with support like this, the higher price of fuji gear seems justified. I just wish it would give other manufacturers a kick up the butt to do the same.

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Dédéjr: "That said, a lot of the tips mentioned here can apply to any mobile device (or camera, for that matter), as the best street photography has always been about capturing the right moment, and not necessarily super-sharp, perfectly-exposed images"
Just as well you said that, as i only see maybe one of your images that was reasonably sharp and did not have blown highlights, although maybe that was the point?????

It's amazing how so many negative replies people throw up on a post like this. While the work here may not be 'your thing' that doesn't make it worth of your zealous dismissal. We need more posts like this, not just endless posts about new gear and f'king mindless ISO bickering.
Anyone saying that NY street photography has been done already should look at EVERY avenue of photography, Its all been done a million times, you don't have to change history every time you press the shutter.

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does it really matter?

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McCurry was the first photographer I really 'noticed' and I went through a phase of really over indulging in his work, which like most over indulgence, made me a little sick. I can see why people dislike his work but for me, he is one of the most well rounded photographers and from interviews and his writing he seems like one of the most approachable and understandable photographers alive today.
Upon showing his work to a friend who was trying to get into street photography, he was amazed but he said, considering the exotic locations and almost perfect, consistent composition, he was almost too good to try and emulate.

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why are so many of you arguing over something that is SO unimportant?

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