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Dennishh: What I like about Adobe is they don't know or care that the photography business has been in the trash for about 4 years. Photographers have cut back big time, so as their profits decline adobe decides to screw them all and get their due. Let them eat cake baby!

Screw them? If your business can't afford you 10 dollars/month as a business expense for Photoshop CC maybe you should find a new business.

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On article Photoshop CC: Adobe responds to reaction (1852 comments in total)
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Bill Buchanan: Photoshop CC with Camera Shake? Sounds like Adobe Shakedown.

I’m furious about Adobe’s decision not to offer Photoshop as a boxed software and make it subscription only.

I am 72 years old and live on a fixed and declining income. I have been a loyal user of Photoshop since 1995 when I purchased my first computer. I faithfully bought every upgrade by saving my quarters and popping for the upgrade every 18 months.

I hope enough Photoshop users worldwide get PO'd over their greedy decision. This is truly a sad day for amateur photographers. The Crack Dealer has just changed the rules.

Can't afford 10 dollars/month for Photoshop CC? Even the most poor photographer I know have no issue springing that "big number".

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Supadoc19: Dear Winston,

In Western Australia (three times the size of the state of Texas), a lot of Photographers, both professional & amateur, go into the wilderness (bush or outback) and take wonderfull photos.

Naturally, after a day taking photo's, they want to view and enhance their creations during the evening in their tent or caravan.

With CC online this will no longer be possible without having internet connection. So where does CC online leave the user wanting to use Photoshop offline?

I'm sorry but I cannot see this as a step forward for photoshop users. There is already a lot of suspicion surounding internet use and online control etc as well as who can see my creation/photos etc and where will it end up.

Too much of "big brother" will turn people off

Kind regards
Dr Pieter Berveling

Did you even read the article? CC IS NOT RUN ONLINE. The software is local on your computer. Monthly subs need to validate once a month and annual subs once every 99 days.

Your example is a non-issue and the so called problem is non-existent.

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lensberg: The Nikon D4 is essentially an overhyped camera... but i suppose that was to be expected considering the fact that it was propped up prematurely to assume the high ISO crown from the D3S.

Considering the fact that there is a 2½ year time span between the D3S & D4 ... Nikon seem to have made virtually no advances regarding ISO performance...

Just look at that furry patch that resembles tiger skin at ISO 6400 on the D4 and you'll notice severe ammounts of noise reduction at work... blurring out the fine textures & fibres completely... by contrast the D3 & Canon 1D Mark IV manage to preserve the textures whilst delivering a natural looking image...

The intricate pattern on the green & purple fabric is totally smeared out by the D4 though funnily the white cross fibres remain intact ... Now compare it to the D3s sample which is excellent... even the 1D IV manages to retain more detail...

@ atamola

These ARE shots from a production D4, not a pre-production model.

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Bodhi Dharma Zen: First tests, not useful for focusing problems and using JPEG, but still, a good effort from DPREVIEW. That said, what we are seeing with the release of the 5D3, is that Canon is way behind in sensor technology nowadays. They couldn't release a 650D for the same problem, and we can speculate that the results we see in this test are due to processing and not the quality of the sensor.

Canon... wake up... you cant ask such prices without underlying value, and obsolete sensors is not the way to keep customers.

LOL @ Bodhi. You can NOT judge a new sensor by looking at OLD sensor statistics. Until we have a bunch of RAW-files taken under different conditions the truth is you have NO CLUE what the hell you are talking about and your mindless blabbing about old sensor etc etc is just opinion and has NOTHING to do with facts.

And guess what? Most real photographers doesn't give a rats ass about DxO Marks or any other lab measuring sites for that matter. At least not anyone I know that makes a living with their camera. None.

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ihv: 1st of all, I very much appreciate the DPreview efforts.

According to CW:
1) high speed stills
2) high res stills
3) HD video

Point 1: Looks a little bit irrelevant (10->12) but I'm not the person to judge.

Point 2: (high res stills @ 18MP) ??????

Point 3: On the emphasizes on video, where is the Full HD mentioned in the interview (1080P@60fps)?

VERY IMPORTANT!!!! How does that fit in Canon strategy with the 1D MK4???

It looks to me that people are really blind (or complete lack of choice).

You mean YOU are blind?

1) High speed stills isnt only about FPS. The 1DX has 3!! processors in total giving the 1DX (claimed) AF and metering at a whole new level. Faster AF, more accurate AF and better metering means more keepers = faster stills.

2) 18MP is high res enough. Most ppl would never need more. And remember, we used to make billboards on 4MP DSLRS.... Enough said on that matter.

3) It has 1080p how can it be more FullHD than that?

How it fits in the stategy with 1D Mark IV? It's better in all aspects unless you need 1.3x foal length multiplication.

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