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NoNerd: l have a SX20 and after 3 years it feels like it is getting worn out so l was waiting to buy the SX40 as a replacement, which l will not as just like the SX30 it runs on a IONLithium battery and not AA's. For me a bridge is a travel camera. This year l have spent 2 weeks in the Sahara and 2 x 2 weeks in the Himilayas in both cases there were no possiblities to charge batteries, which didnt bother me as with the XS20 l use lithium AA's that allow abt 1500 shots. l have now bought a Fuji HS20 (uses AA's!), but l don't like it's handling. Could Canon PLEASE make the XS50 for AA's. One last remark for those who want RAW on a bridge. My HS20 has it and uses abt 15 seconds to calulate a RAW shot, so no travel camera. It can only do this because of the manual zoom elec.consumption is low, but for a traveller it's a useless camera as you can't make fast situation shots of people and movements.

Manufacturers need to be dragged back to the 1980s when batteries were a standard size. We need to force them to adopt a standard size battery that will fit any camera. Okay there is some limitation here with thin point and shoot cameras requiring a thin battery. But there shouldn't be a reason why this battery shouldn't fit a similar camera of a different make. If lithium ion become a standard size that fit a broad range of products then there is chance of getting one in a remote place. To give an example we have a Nokia 3115 whose battery died recently. I managed to source a Chinese branded one but even this was being phased out. Just imagine 8 years down the road needing get a battery for your camera that still works, only to be foiled by the manufacturer changing the shape of the battery slightly so it doesn't fit your 8 year old camera anymore!

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