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There are plenty of led light sticks out there but not waterproof. If they lit the whole pool scene with voyagers, it would have been more convincing. Besides a stick requires gripping. If you are diving, you probably need both hands to film and to swim. Holding a huge 4' stick underwater doesn't seem easy.
I'm not a diver so I am just guessing.

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7/10. Horrible photos by the way. Why would you want to alter them anyway...😜 I wish the debriefing would tell you what was digitally altered

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Beautiful, fun and creative. loved all of them!

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Advertising anything is enhanced, modified or changed to look and feel better. From detergent on coffee, to mashed potatoes instead of ice cream, to color saturated vegetables and fluffier burgers or those perfect hair commercials...
Next time you pick up a bag of grapefruits at the market, notice the orange mesh bag to make the grapefruits look less yellow. It's an optical illusion and false marketing but nobody cares. Advertising is brutal , full of false promises and with a whatever it takes attitude... but we keep buying...

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Photographers have been using extra gear and modifying cameras for over 100 years.
Something as simple as a strobe flash, which is a FAKE light source, is used everyday on studios and on cameras. Diffusers, reflectors, tripods are all ways to help get a better shot. Not to mention expensive "fast" lenses for that added Bokeh, which is also a fake way to separate a subject from the background to see things the human eyes can't see. So, if u think about it, photography is not a real representation of life. Nothing can replace the way we see things, so if Apple and others are adding "helpers" to their photos, who cares. I've taken wonderful photos with my iPhone without any extra gear and I love the memories I get. Cheers!

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Interesting photos but the lighting is just horrible.

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When you want to make something look big, divide it. Wanna make it look small, multiply it. 7000 seconds sounds bigger than 2 hours. It really is a dumb article and a dumber feat. "Professional" has become such an elastic word.

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On article Capturing the unseen: Sam Forencich's Invisible Oregon (46 comments in total)

Brilliant beyond words. I also love the soundscape. Perfectly timed and executed! Amazing!

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On article Stunning time-lapse captures the seasons of Norway (65 comments in total)

Most impressive! A masterpiece, really.

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Scales USA: I've been thinking of a new phone this year, but I'm patient and will see what others offer. I have a Iphone 6+ currently, but am open to any brand. I think that Samsung will have a tough time selling a S8, too many people think the S7 exploded (It was the Galaxy Note 7) so there is the confusion factor that will make for slow sales.

I only receive Verizon out in my rural area, so a Pixel with ATT is out.

Chippy. Who cares if it exploded or caught fire? Still a threat to a person, pet or any kind of craft. First time in history that airlines ban a device from flying.
Lots of people lost faith in Samsung. Nobody with an S8 is going to be 100% confident it won't blow up on their face. Unless it's an Audi S8! 😜

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clicstudio: Like we need to see more guns or depictions of guns in the world. With all the killings and terrorist attacks, this is the last thing I want to see...

stevo23 this is a photography website. What the hell are u doing here if you think cameras are anti-freedom? >:(

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clicstudio: Like we need to see more guns or depictions of guns in the world. With all the killings and terrorist attacks, this is the last thing I want to see...

Stevo23 cameras have a certain resemblance to guns and they "shoot" too.
The purpose is completely different. Cameras are meant to create, guns to destroy.

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clicstudio: Like we need to see more guns or depictions of guns in the world. With all the killings and terrorist attacks, this is the last thing I want to see...

Make America dangerous again... People like you and Mr. T who want to shoot and blow stuff up are the problem. Less guns on the hands of stupid people=less killing. Simple. That comment that says people shoot people, not guns, is the dumbest thing I've ever heard.
The only shooting I care about is shooting pictures.

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Like we need to see more guns or depictions of guns in the world. With all the killings and terrorist attacks, this is the last thing I want to see...

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50 years ago, Speed Racer's Mach 5 already had a homing robot by pressing the G button on the steering wheel. It could be controlled with a joystick by Speed. :)

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I am an iPhone fan and love my 7 Plus but this thing just blows the iPhone out of the water... I wish Apple was friends with Google and borrowed the technology for the next iPhone... I am glad the OS is still horrible. This is a great camera on a phone I would never buy. That's why I still own a Canon Powershot 720HS. No phone beats a point and shoot.

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WizardOfOss: I'm pretty worried about 10.5, more specifically this part: "It's safe to assume that there are a lot of people talking about the words 'Bokeh' and 'Raw' today who had never heard the terms before Apple's launch event this week."

History learns us that within a few days that same lot of people will "know" that Apple invented both bokeh and raw, and will claim that every other camera manufacturer copied Apple.

WizardOfAss Apple didn't invent it but it's smart enough to introduce to the general public a new word that most people call "blurry background".
Not all smartphone users know anything about aperture or iso or anything like that. They only want the photo they take to look good. Apple does that with a simple interface but now, with RAW support, some of us Pros, will be able to tweak more details out of an image on a simple device that you carry with you everywhere. I call that progress and forward thinking.

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GaryJP: "It shoots 4k"

Like my TWO generations old Galaxy Note 4.

Why do u even have to show you are a loser commenting in an article about a phone that you will not buy because you are either still living in the past or can't afford a newer phone or you are afraid that you will love it and throw that old Galaxy Note 4 in the can. iPhone 6 and 6s also shot 4K and it still looks incredible today so get informed...

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DingieM: Christ this is a stupid article, more like a sales talk. My respect for DPReview just dropped big time.

I really hate people that always have to drop names and compare... Shut up and read the article if it's beneficial for you or don't read it. Barney was careful enough not to compare it to other phones. This is just information and why it might be relevant to photographers. They don't even have a sample iPhone 7 to play with so the article is clear and informative. That's all.

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wtang: Why is there a need for an news article like this to "sell" people on the new iPhone 7? There hasn't been a similar article to try to and "sell" people on the merits of any other smartphone. Why does the iPhone 7 need and get this kind of editorial promotion/marketing? Just genuinely curious.

dude this article clearly points the advantages of the new available technology and why, us photographers, should care about it. DPR is not SELLING anything. This is a review site and they are pointing "selling points" not selling iPhones.
If u don't Like it, don't read it and move on.
People are so close minded lately. Technology is changing by the minute. iPhone 7 is going to be obsolete next year, and so is your TV, your car, your watch and we even have intelligent homes.

Apple created the tech revolution in 2007 like it or not. This is just another step towards the future and they have the balls (courage they call it) to remove a 100-year old analog headphone jack and people are complaining because they won't be abe to use their stupid $10 headphones. The future is all digital and wireless.
For photographers, this iPhone is a huge welcome and a great improvement.
I for one, can't wait to shoot with my New Jet Black 256GB iPhone 7Plus and blow people's minds with it.
Cheers, baby!

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