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I wish Aperture would come back. It was amazing. Much better than the crappy Lightroom.

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On article Google shares high-resolution Pixel 2 sample photos (172 comments in total)

very impressing!

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Good video!

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Every time I overlook at someone with a Samsung phone, I see the same color shift depending on the angle of the screen. Whites look green or blue in the most horrible way and the screen is inaccurate that it hurts. Try taking photos of red things on a Samsung. They look pink or orange. Oversaturated and oversharpened. Like thoe fake looking HDR photos. The human eye doesn't see like that. Apple alway had a more realistic display and camera. The world is not so vibrant.

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On article iPhone X vs. Samsung Note 8 (379 comments in total)
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racin06: The correct comparison to the iPhone X is the Samsung S8+, which is essentially the Note 8 without the stylus. The Samsung S8+ still beats the pants off the iPhone X and is $840. Though I must compliment Apple on their marketing efforts, which have created thousands of zombies who will buy anything with the Apple name regardless of Apple always being behind Samsung and LG by two or three years.

If $160 difference breaks your bank for a better overall experience and real face recognition that can't be fooled by a low.res photos, then try to find a Motorola StarTAK on eBay. It should be pretty cheap. The market changed in 2007. Don't forget who started the revolution.

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On article iPhone X vs. Samsung Note 8 (379 comments in total)
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cosinaphile: apple and samsung both make great phones ... for my needs the headphone jack and sd option are not sacrificable .... i found this interesting.....

"vice-president Justin Denison came out to talk about...the Note 8. 64 GB storage, 256 with a microSD card. wireless charging. IP68 resistant.

But Denison saved the best . “Thanks to our partnership with Harman, the Note 8 will come with premium AKG headphones, tuned for a superior listening experience,”
he said. “But wait, there’s more. Guess what you can do with those earphones? That’s right: You can plug them into the standard earphone jack.”

And the crowd went wild.

People whistled. There may have been some whoos, perhaps even some hooting and hollering. In other words, one of

the biggest applause lines of Samsung’s hour-long presentation wasn’t because of any innovative new feature — it was its decision to not innovate."

It's not Just innovation. It's moving towards the future. The idea of freedom from wires has been around for decades.
I loved my walkman in 1979. But we are not using tapes or discs or CDs or DAT's anymore. Why should we be hooked to a device by an analog cable with technology that has been around for 80 years. It's obsolete and backwards thinking.
Now, start complaining about wireless charging too. It's the same principle. Isn't it?

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On article iPhone X vs. Samsung Note 8 (379 comments in total)

People should stop crying over the fact that flagship phones will cost around $1000. Smart phones have become the center of people's lives in most cases. Who cares if it's $700 or $900 or $1110. People will sell their soul to own one. Phones are the new status symbol, like watches and jewelry were before. Some still pay thousands of dollars for a Rolex that only tells time.
Smartphones are here to stay and if u are afraid of $1000, then get one of those cheap Chinese knockoffs for $200 and stop whining.
Besides with the 12 month lease options available, anyone can afford a $45 monthly payment and always be up to date with the latest model.

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Greatly done. Always make the Kids Happy!

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EdnaBambrick: My stomach churned when I first saw this. Tiny pumps of acid flooded my GI system breaking up a logjam that had existed for days. I sat on the toilet for almost a half hour with several showers and flushes in between. I then returned to DPR to post this comment.

I prefer more creative work, like sunsets and photos of cats.

who did you buy the mushrooms from again?

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Very nice
The inverted room concept was used 60 years ago by Fred Astaire and then Lionel Ritchie in the 80's. Cool anyway..

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Try Loupedeck...

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I love the legs photo.

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This is Horrible. Those HDR images look like paintings. The human eye doesn't see things like that. HDR should be used to bump shadows and decrease highlights but these results are just plain ridiculous...

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I preordered back in October 2016. I still haven't gotten mine yet. First they send replacements of the cameras they gave to beta testers, then they start filling out the orders. I might get mine next month or so. They will email me to confirm I still want the camera and collect the balance from the preorder. Then they will ship... We will have to wait and see. With a new iPhone coming in 2 months this camera might be too late in the game.

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That 50K Red doesn't look that impressive either... I wish they compared the 1D they have on hand to the RED.

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There are plenty of led light sticks out there but not waterproof. If they lit the whole pool scene with voyagers, it would have been more convincing. Besides a stick requires gripping. If you are diving, you probably need both hands to film and to swim. Holding a huge 4' stick underwater doesn't seem easy.
I'm not a diver so I am just guessing.

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7/10. Horrible photos by the way. Why would you want to alter them anyway...😜 I wish the debriefing would tell you what was digitally altered

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Beautiful, fun and creative. loved all of them!

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Advertising anything is enhanced, modified or changed to look and feel better. From detergent on coffee, to mashed potatoes instead of ice cream, to color saturated vegetables and fluffier burgers or those perfect hair commercials...
Next time you pick up a bag of grapefruits at the market, notice the orange mesh bag to make the grapefruits look less yellow. It's an optical illusion and false marketing but nobody cares. Advertising is brutal , full of false promises and with a whatever it takes attitude... but we keep buying...

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Photographers have been using extra gear and modifying cameras for over 100 years.
Something as simple as a strobe flash, which is a FAKE light source, is used everyday on studios and on cameras. Diffusers, reflectors, tripods are all ways to help get a better shot. Not to mention expensive "fast" lenses for that added Bokeh, which is also a fake way to separate a subject from the background to see things the human eyes can't see. So, if u think about it, photography is not a real representation of life. Nothing can replace the way we see things, so if Apple and others are adding "helpers" to their photos, who cares. I've taken wonderful photos with my iPhone without any extra gear and I love the memories I get. Cheers!

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