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ok, but 30 years ago they had a 28-200 3.8-5.6.
So all they can come up with in 30 years is just on stop better?
I want a 24-200 2.8 or at least 24-105 2.8.
THAT would be the All in one.

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The new Light cars are going to have 16 headlights instead of 2! AHAHHAHAAAA

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I put down a deposit for the Light camera when it was announced. After waiting 2 years or so and no camera, I got my money back. I am glad I did now...

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108MP Selfies that will end up on Instagram at about 2MP. 🙄

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I own the mavic pro 2. I really like the 20mp hassleblad camera. I don't do sports or active recording so the slow motion is not needed. Besides, the higher the frame rate, the lower the final quality.
This looks appealing to a new buyer but I wouldn't downgrade.
it looks like a mavic knockoff as well.
Also I already have 3 other dji products and I am very happy with the apps and ecosystem.
Just my 2cents

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On article Sony a7R IV sample gallery (678 comments in total)

These are some horrible samples.

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man! do these Chinese have any ethics at all? xiomi ripped off the iPhone XS and now the Memoji and now this? unreal

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Who started with the white long lenses? Was it Canon? Does anybody know?

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On article Xiaomi teases Mi 9 product images and camera samples (82 comments in total)

Wow! the photo quality is impressive

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On article Olympus OM-D E-M1X review (2391 comments in total)


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great price but the sample phots are horrible... not that it matters anyway...

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Got one yesterday. Impressive stabilization. The screen is too small to be usable. It gets HOT! The Mimo app is OK but the virtual joystick is in the wrong position. Too far to reach with your right finger. A setting for left or right of the screen would great. The AWB is terrible. Also the auto video mode overexposes a lot.
Pro mode is only available in the app.
The Pano modes are amazing. Specially the 3x3.
Photo/video quality is good but no Match for my iPhone XS Max.
AFC could be better but the active tracking is awesome.
So far I love it. It fits anywhere and it takes.2.seconds to start. I used it with an iPad Pro 11" and it works, but the gimbal touches the bezel so you get an error.
If u are thinking about it. Buy it. It's worth it and a lot of fun

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I don't do video but I use tripods for long exposures. I find the main problem with most tripods is not the legs, but the actual head. A ball head is more convenient than a regular 3-lever head, but it shakes a little. If the exposure is too long and there is wind, the photo will have motion blur.
I think tripod companies should work on battery operated stabilized heads.

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Think of this: Most of us here in this forum are Photographers. Some of us, Professionals.
We pay double or triple for a good "fast" prime lens. We all want the blurry background and the low light lens and that means shelling out hundreds or thousands so our photos look more professional.
In the people's perception, a blurry background means the photo was taken by a pro, and most of the time, it's true. You might have an entry level DSLR with a "kit lens" that does F3.5 to F5.6 or something like that. You are NOT going to get "Professional-looking" results from that setup.
If you want to start into photography, and already have an iPhone XS and start shooting with a DSLR, you will probably be disappointed that the results are not as good. I have seen it from newbies with inexpensive DSLR's.
Not only the iPhone has live DOF control but also has HDR, which is amazing. Most of the photos with an iPhone look better than any DSLR because they are already processed instantly. I love it.

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rsf3127: Why do we need an "Authority" to tell us if the pictures are good or not? Can't we just judge by ourselves?

it's not about judging the quality of the photo, it's about misleading advertising.
I agree with the fact that the iPhone photos look like they were taken by a pro.

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iAPX: My beloved one has a new iPhone, so I played with its camera...

Quality-wise, the new iPhones pictures seems actually on a par with a D100/D70 equipped with a good old 50 f/1.8 including similar resolution when lighting is good.
You could do pretty good photos for the web or 6"x4" prints.

Resolution drop to 3MP equivalent on low light, you don't want to print them on 10"x8" especially if you play with pseudo-bokeh (defaults are... troublesome).
It's great to have all that in a smartphone, available anytime everywhere.

I would call it "Studio Quality Thumbnails" instead ;)

I have sold 32" prints from a 6MP Canon D10 back in 2003 when I started taking pictures. Large prints are usually done at only 100-150dpi. People assume that everything needs to be printed at 300dpi. That is for magazines and laser printers. You can definitely print a 11x14 or even a 12X18 from a phone if you are not too picky.
Besides nobody prints anything anymore. Everything ends up being looked at in a phone. So, who cares, really...

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I've been a pro photographer for 17 years and I must say that the "pro" results are not achieved easily. You have to know how to frame, light and expose a subject to get a great portrait. The iPhone not only is easier to use, but now you can preview the effect before the photo is taken.
You can't go back and re-do a photo. If your aperture was wrong or you wanted more DOF, you had to take it again. Now, u can create different variations of the same photo without even being a real photographer. Look at the comparison of the iPhone XS to the Real Nikon Lens. At a first glance, you probably can't tell which one is which. Specially now that 99% of the photos end up being looked at in a Smart Phone or tablet.
Normal people can get professional-looking results in seconds without any special "fast" lenses or expensive lighting setups.
I, for one, love it. I use it all the time and sometimes the photos look even better than my Sony A7R III with a $900 Sony 55mm 1.8 Zeiss Lens...

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image 14 looks like some kind of dinosaur and giraffe mutant ahahah

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misha marinsky4: I still prefer my SLR with its optical viewfinder.

Thank you for the confirmation.

explain why is it better than an EVF where u know exactly what your photo is going to look before you take it.
I was watching Formula 1 today. A Pro Photographer with a Canon 1DX or 1DX Mark II was shooting a driver walking away from his broken car. He had seconds before the driver was gone... He was taking a lot of pictures and I noticed him stopping to look at the result every few shots. Pictures-Stop-Look-Picture-stop-look, repeat... EVF will keep your eye on the subject at all times. No guessing.
The EVF is the new LCD but in real time.
When digital cameras came out a couple of decades ago with an LCD, it was magic... No more guessing like when using film. Even real Professional FIlm photographers used Polaroids before a really important shoot to "see" somehow what the result was going to be. LCD changed the way we take photos and the EVF is another huge step forward rendering the optical VF obsolete already.
Think about it...

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My Sony A7R III has one built in. Besides. Most flashguns use one so what's the problem? The DSLR will be dead within a couple of years...
Besides Sony having the best AF I've ever used... I don't shoot weddings but I believe the Alpha won't have a problem focusing.
Like Sergey Borachev said, most venues are well lit for video, so no need for a distracting and annoying red or orange light on people's faces anyway...

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