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Forever Young: Interesting to add the NEX-7 to the comparison... Amazing!

nex7 isn't being limted as much as the others via diffraction (esp 645), but look at the noise at 1600 comparesd to the others

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On article Just posted: Nikon D800 test samples (423 comments in total)
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tampadave: I downloaded the ISO 200 samples of the D800 and canon 7D (which I own). I had to increase the image size of the 7D sample to match the size of the D800 sample as it appears on my monitor. Some parts of the Nikon image look better, but other parts of the Canon image look better too. To my untrained pixel peeping eyes, overall, it's a push.

You're viewing on a monitor with what, 72dpi and a dynamic range of what, 8 stops

Print both to a decent size (but same size to compare) and then you will see the difference

If you're not printing large and only looking via a screen then nobody really needs a D800

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On article Just posted: Nikon D800 test samples (423 comments in total)
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Nuno Souto: Hmmm.... Put the D800 against the EM-5 and the Nex-7 and quite frankly, up to 1600ISO there is no major diff... Of course: higher ISOs, things change dramatically. But do I need to take all my shots at nose-bleed ISO? No way.
It's looking very much like the EM-5's all-lens compatibility and in-body stabilisation is winning the day. Ah well, roll-on the SD1 test, that might be a true eye-opener... Sorry, just realized this is dpreview and they don't do Sigma!

The scene doesn't highlight an important consideration in where the D800 excels and that is dynamic range

Haven't seen another camera that performs as well in this area and for me it's massively important

Understand the D800 to be something like 11 stops at iso100 - massive benefit

Stabilisation is equally available on lenses and usually stabilisation is needed when the shutter speed is less than optimal, either that or... higher ISO

but you're quite right, the difference between cameras now at 'normal' conditions is minute

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On article Just posted: Nikon D800 test samples (423 comments in total)
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William Belvin: Good to see these , but they're not great for comparing resolutions. They were shot at f/11, and are badly affected by diffraction. Nikon recommends shooting at f/8 or lower for best results. I'd suggest f/5.6 would be a better test. Incidentally the 645D is shot at f/18 and is also affected by diffraction, even with its large sensor.

Agreed, should all be limted to the same, say f8, for meaningful comparisons

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On article Just posted: Nikon D800 test samples (423 comments in total)
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mholdef: Just curious, but does anyone know what lenses were used on these tests ?

it's shown on each image - just click the icon for detail

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On article Lightroom 4 Review (460 comments in total)
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Uncle Bob III: I have been using PS Elements for years but my ignorance of post processing is incredible. I tried an older version of LR and found it less capable than Elements. Is this LR4 as capable in image processing as Elements? Does it use Elements organizer or something similar? Also, I often have major problems with my color output vice the screen version as mentioned in the article. Will LR4 help? Finally, when my program asks me what should control color output should I choose Adobe, my program, or Epson (my printer)?

Elements will probably do more via layers and type tools etc - LR is simply an organiser and catalogue with ability to do adjusments to photographs but not so much manipulate as PS or Elements

Example you cannot merge 2 photo or swap somebody's head on to another body etc but can do 99% or the typical adjustments a photo would need

If you have problems with colour oputpuit then LR will give no advantage over Elements

Get your screen right and calibrated. If you dont want to spend to calibrate then carefully follow all the instructions for maximising contract and colour - the basic system followed very carefully is better than nowt
If you dont understand colour spaces and you dont have a calibated monitor then forget them - put everything on Prophoto (camera and manipulation device) - or just keep everything ion RGB and forget it

If you monitor is not a specialised one then you are only seeing RGB anyway
Let your printer decide the settings is the easiest

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On article Lightroom 4 Review (460 comments in total)
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Dan4321: Too much fluff, I really just want something to develop the raws in the least amount of time and with the least amount of 'tweaking' required. Book mode, map mode, print-to-whatever mode, all those things are totally lost on people like me and probably 95% of the users out there. This is why a lot of people still use Digital Photo Professional over adobe camera raw for 99% of the photos out there. Make the raw development engine quick and intelligent with as much automatic setting as possible and only then will people like me be willing to pay that much for it.

As AussieAndo says- just use jpg out of camera - if you are going to process raw automatically or with the auto settings then the camera does that for you any way - JPGs

What is the point of using a raw convertor on it's auto settings?

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On article Just Posted: Nikon 1 V1 and J1 review (424 comments in total)
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raztec: This review is bang on. DPR know what real photographers want. I coudn't agree more.

If Nikon didn't have it's proverbial head up it's ass when it comes to good quality P&S, then it would have realized that they missed a great opportunity to capture the entire m43 market.

Had they put in a slightly bigger sensor, good lens selection, F-mount lens adapter, better price point and way better ergonomics with accessible controls photographers need, they would have had a home run - especially given its auto focus system.

This system will die a rightful death once the soccer moms realize a camera alone doesn't make for great photographs.

It seems many want a big sensor small camera - so why dont you all buy NEXs?

Me, I dont fancy a small camera with a massive lens - kind of defeats the objective really doesn't it? The NEX is ridiculous IMO, you can't focus properly (unless the camera is determing where the focus will be - I prefer to focus on the eyes, I can do this with a viewfinder and quick central AF - I can't do this with the camera at arms length using a screen or indeed rely on the camera to choose the optimum focus point)

A bigger sensor means bigger lenses.

I do however want a P&S that you can use like an SLR in terms of focus aquisition and speed of response, sounds like the N1 is ideal

I have an SLR for those moments when I can carry a large camera and want optimum quality

What I do not get is complaining Nikon has chosen to go for smaller lenses (and therefore sensor) when you can go and buy a bigger sensor elsewhere. Dont criticise Nikon, buy a SLR instead, same size lenses just 1-2cm thicker body

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