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On article Canon to move camera production back to Japan (109 comments in total)
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Marty4650: This really isn't good news for Japan, because it just means they will gain a few jobs only as long as the Yen value is depressed. The instant the Yen gets stronger, then the jobs get shipped back to Cambodia, Thailand or anyplace else where labor is cheaper.

Most customers won't care one way or the other. The "Japan built is better" myth has long since faded away. Anything can be well built, or poorly built anywhere in the world today.

Manufacturing in Japan may carry currency risk but manufacturing in China carries political risk. Japanese executives do not appreciate having to flee for their lives and seeing their factories smashed by fervent employees whenever the population is whipped up into an anti-Japanese frenzy.

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Tee1up: I have an Epson 4490 that i purchased exclusively for scanning my slide collection and it has been a nightmare. I cannot get a sharp scan out of the thing, Epson was no help. I am looking at these two but am sceptical.

Anyone out there recommend a good color slide scanner that doesn't break the bank?

The V800 has its place but if you're only going to be scanning 35mm slides the Pacific Image Primefilm XA or the Plustek 8200i AI are good options.

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On article Sony Alpha 7 Review (1601 comments in total)
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Jogger: Im not sure why DPR is so obsessed with the propensity for the a7 to choose 1/60.. only a newbie would have an issue with that. Hopefully someone buying a $1700 camera will understand what they are doing. Who do they think this camera is being marketed to?

And poor jpeg quality... on a 36 mp, 14 bit, no-AA, FF sensor!!?? Thats like buying a Ferrari and complaining that the Eco-mode isnt satisfying to drive.

Because an "auto" mode is supposed to be just that - an auto mode. It shouldn't need to be babysat around design errors. With a full frame camera in 2014 there is no need to fixate on base ISO in dull conditions. People won't notice a minuscule increase in noise but they will notice motion blur.

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The title ought to say "re-enters" as Casio has made enthusiast compacts before. Their last was the EX-F1 nearly six years ago.

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On article Nikon video hints at long-desired 'digital FM' (551 comments in total)
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Karl Summers: For $3,000 and no video it better have a damn good sensor.

The only good excuse for dropping video would be to put a superior CCD sensor inside.

But at $3,000 they could probably afford to do HD video on a CCD.

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Jefftan: dpreview please correct above with 16-50mm kit lens not 18-55mm

The Nex-5R was sold with either lens so this one may be too.

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rocklobster: Doesn't the Sony R1 qualify - the first mirrorless APS-C camera with 5X zoom?

The styling was also fairly unique - not like a DSLR or a superzoom.


The Epson R-D1 was an APS-C mirrorless camera that predated the R1. Finding a 5x zoom for it might be an issue.

The Fuji DS-X predated the Casio QV-10 by more than five years.

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As the digital camera market has matured they've become more and more conservative in both styling and operation. There was plenty of experimentation in the early years:

Things have turned around so much they're now trying to look 1960s "retro" instead of futuristic, or plain instead of advanced.

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JackM: I had a descendent of the F4700Z in 2002. It was a cool gadget to behold, but the image quality was terrible by any standard. Skin tones from another planet, among other problems.

Many of the early F series from Fuji didn't have SuperCCD sensors and were fairly average. But the colour quality from their first SuperCCD cameras was years ahead of their time as can be seen from sample pictures.

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On article Nikon says it wants to 'change the concept of cameras' (134 comments in total)

Dedicated photographic devices are in decline. I think we'll continue to see them used by professionals and serious enthusiasts but the direction is not unlike medium format - continuing to exist but increasingly niche over time.

So if Nikon wants to continue making cameras into next decade maybe they should just try their hand at making smartphones ;)

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GordonAtWork: Isn't it funny that the images were posted on one of the most popular photo sharing sites in the entire galaxy and only taken down when someone manages to capture them. Smacks of cheap publicity to me. Then again, what do I know, I'm only a member of an increasingly cynical populous.

But not cynical enough to presume an unfamiliarity with the concept of "EXIF" on Microsoft's part ;)

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On article Smartphone film scanner transfers negatives to mobile (17 comments in total)
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Hibolta: yes, an epson V-somethng scanner 2nd hand is way better, got mine for 50 bucks.

If everyone buys them second hand they'll stop making them ;) A second hand flatbed is likely to have dust or fingerprints on the glasstop.
Flatbed scanners won't manage the same resolution as a quality dedicated film scanner. The Epson V700 comes closest but the V600 is alot cheaper.

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On article Smartphone film scanner transfers negatives to mobile (17 comments in total)
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vladimir vanek: So, I should take the box of my negatives, take this whatever-it-is and my superslim mobile, and go out "scanning" my negatives, right? But why, if I got the box of negatives at home, my home computer with 27-inch screen is home as well and my real scanner...guess what? Purpose of this?

Convenient maybe but probably not very smart. It's very tricky to do a good job of directly photographing negatives with even a dSLR, and the sensors in mobiles are so much worse. Film degrades over time and to make any decent archival copy of their contents they need a decent film scanner, otherwise we're better off just scanning the print.

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On article Smartphone film scanner transfers negatives to mobile (17 comments in total)
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Nuno Souto: When will a decent scanner be made to replace Nikon's failed ones? Rather than waste time and resources with this trash!

The most similar is the Plustek Opticfilm 120 scanner. There are also the Flextight scanners if you're a millionaire.

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Marty4650: Wow... hold the presses! BIG NEWS!

Pentax has added a fifth color to their WG series, and introduced yet another cheap P&S compact camera that no one will buy.

Maybe they missed the news about smartphones making sub $100 compacts a dying breed?

The Efina may be aimed at females but it is probably intended as a first camera for those too young to be given a smartphone. Canon also tried a pink "girl-cam" 5 years ago with the Powershot E1, and as there was no successor model, it can't have been much of a success.

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