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  • PlanetMitch, I did not see them. Are they full res? Can you share a link? Thanks a lot:)

  • :

    PlanetMitch, if Rajiv Laroia (CTO and co-founder) said the biggest drain on batteries is the LCD, sorry but this is absolutely one fat lame excuse!

    At the premium price of this camera and with...

  • This is an amazing concept and truly and innovative approach to digital photography. But without being labeled pessimistic or a basher, I highly doubt the image quality out of camera will be in any...

  • And these news just in time, just in case anyone still has any doubts of what's going on with...

  • And these news just in time.. another nail in the coffin for Nikon..


  • And these news just in time.. another nail in the coffin for Nikon..


  • No it didn't. Nikon took forever to admit fault on the D600 and by the time I sold mine after loosing my patience with their endless run-arounds, their defective replacement plan had not yet been...

  • Maybe I am an unlucky buyer. But everyone in the world that bought a D600, was just about an "unlucky buyer". and unlucky for two reasons, because the product sucked, and because Nikon never...

  • I have never personally used any of the new Fuji's but had a few in my hands to play around for a short time. I've been most impressed in recent years by all products that they make and the overall...

  • panchorancho, haha, right on!

    For me that for 15 years (till 4 years ago when I finally sold all my Nikon gear and gave up on them), my mind is clear & I feel with every passing day I made the...

  • Hugo808, the mirrors are fading. Among other things (not including these lame updates they do on existing cameras they call "new"), after endless problems with my D800E and later my D600, and after...

  • Hooray! Nikon announces the same camera, once again! All the Xxxx and Xxx and Xx just about everything else they sell and everything else they do, is basically just about exactly the same thing as...

  • The title of this post should be:

    Nikon D7500: What you need to know = Nothing!

    Every new camera they release is basically the same retrofitted model as the previous one with just barely the...

  • The lack of Nikon's innovation is staggering! With every "new" model, they basically come out with something that is just barely upped from the same previously released or similar model retrofitted...

  • Commented on article Panasonic Lumix DC-GH5 Review

    I only have one question & one only: does ANYONE, I mean ANYONE, actually buy this camera to use it primarily as a still camera? The answer is most likely no. There is 0, zilch, compelling or...

  • Why is this news? There have been portable SSDs for longer than I can count. I guess anything is news these days when there is no news and something needs to be news..

  • This is probably a great lens, but PRIMAGON is the wrong name. Here are a few suggestions:


  • Arneb, sorry to waste your time with my "nonsense". And I'm even more sorry to disappoint you that the information and disclaimer comes directly from the Magic Lantern's official blog. Take the...

  • FeiYu Tech had (has) the exact same thing already 2 years ago.


    Wether this Gudsen brand is a different company all together or a...

  • :

    Revolutions are enemies of profits.

    Canon and everyone else is in business to sell product and make as much money as possible. They are not in business to give anyone else anything more than...

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