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I had hopes that this would be a viable alternative to Adobes subscription model but ON1 2017 still isn't close to being ready for the mainstream. The idea of paying virtually full price for an annual upgrade is a non-starter for me and I'll be ditching on1. Really has little to commend it unless you enjoy beta testing. Maybe i'll try again in 4-5 years but will more likely continue with ACR/DXO or maybe give C1Pro a try, at least that is very high quality (if expensive) but with significant upgrade savings-the way it should be done.

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J A C S: It is really funny that the shutter died so close to 200k. You cannot make this stuff up.

I've always assumed these ratings are best guesses based on materials, tolerances and engineering measurements and as such about as reliable as car manufacturers mpg estimates. The accuracy of the rating when tested in this way makes me wonder if the cameras are actually 'torture tested' to estimate the MTBF. A really impressive performance under unfeasibly harsh use. I suppose the effects of age/dust etc may mean failure becomes more likely over time but this should give anyone buying a used 7DII with say 30-50K actuaioins after a couple of years plenty of confidence.

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daddyo: Yea, sure! It's the 1st of April. Oh, good grief it's not!
Hopefully, the Lexar employees were given more advanced notice.

Possible that Sandisk may license the rights to make XQD cards or even buy the Lexar brand (making them more profitable and reassuring Sony/Nikon users).
Storage is WDs main business so not much risk of Sandisk pulling out of the market, though it's looking as if higher capacity, more durable and faster SSDs may dominate their R&D with card storage being a sideline which will benefit from the same tech. May be some Lexar bargains in the short term but probbaly not.

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TheEmrys: This is silly. They made it free. What incentive do Google have to keep it going? They could have just kept it at $500 forever. People's ungratefulness is so odd to me.

Some companies are just too powerful. These anti-competetive practices are really shameful.
"Today we’re making the Nik Collection obsolete for everyone, for free. P*ssing off photo enthusiasts all over the world..."

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Richt2000: Looks really really cheap and nasty build quality for the money.

Canon have been a bit dull for 5 years now. Just churning out incremental updates and half a55ed attempts.

Pull you socks up Canon.

Canon is looking after the bottom line. A FF mirrorless with great AF, 4K video with all the bells and whistles would eat into many segments of Canons market. Neither Canon nor Nikon have been leading the way with mirrorless-too much income from DSLR lens sales. Even the 1DXII 4K implementation is pared back to allow for the CinemaEos line. Most of the stuff Sony does, Canon could do too; but the status quo suits Canon while for Sony, the more splintered and shaken up the market becomes the better.

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Richard Franiec: It is a fair, well done review. I use 1D series for quite long time now and love the concept and results. Most likely, I would be also delighted with D5, no doubt.
From reviewer standpoint, not giving one of them a highest award would be hard, and I'm not talking about controversy that this would create. Two best cameras of this caliber and purpose at almost every iteration.

My only disappointment would be not pointing out abysmal (in comparison) number of shots taken with 1 DXII taken at single battery charge in the con section. That's a huge disadvantage of Canon and I wish they would address it.
1DX is no better, so there was a room for a huge improvement.

In practice the 1DXII far exceeds its stated battery life, my first shoot I got 3000+ shots and 2/3 battery charge remaining. I assume CIPA must require GPS to be enabled, a lot maximum burst shooting and continuous chimping and video usage to rate battery life this poorly. 14 fps needs a lot of processing power, a mirror which is motorised in both directions and 4K at 60fps heats your CFast card up nicely, so these factors probably sap power. In normal use, battery life is not an issue. I'm still intrigued to know how Nikon manages such a high test figure though.

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Mark Banas: Remember not too long ago when commenters repeatedly asked "when are you going to review and compare Canon and Nikon flagship DSLRs?"

What now? Medium format? Lightfield cinema cameras? NRO imaging satellites?

I honestly don't know which is the better camera but I don't believe reviewers on DPR can reliably discern which AF system is 'best' by this kind of use-there are just so many scenarios, so many options and I suspect testers get better results from the sytems they use regularly. It seems likely to me that DPR tetsers use mainly Nikon, their reviews of both cameras are full of Nikon jargon such as AF-C as opposed to servo AF etc. Both cameras will probably have their stronger and weaker points but AF in both cameras seems so good that the vast majority of oof shots will be due to user error.
The intelligent focus/iTR options seem to feature heavily in DPR reviews but ultimately the camera doesn't really 'know' what you want to focus on, will recognise some subjects better than others and will give differing results for different uses and under different conditiopns. They seem to be a kind of continuous AF for idiots -sometimes they help, sometimes not.

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Nobby2016: Photographers who need the best high ISO performance, videographers who require a deep feature set
D5 maintains an edge of a stop or two at high ISO settings.

what a utter nonsense....

I agree, the AF systems on top- end DSLRs are so good that fair comparison is almost impossible. Sure one system will give a few more keepers in a particular scenario but quite likely less in another. The 3D tracking iTR features are a bit of a mystery to me, kind of like the AF 'green square mode' on a $6k camera.
Battery life is a standardised measure-maybe it involves a certain amount of weighting toward the highest resolution vide mode. Thats gonna suck your battery hard on a 1dxII if it specifies say 10 minutes of 4K 60p video. Also GPS is a major power drain on the 7DII which I always turn off-maybeCIPA leave that on too, My 1DXII took over 3000 shots with half the charge left when I first got it (and that included a lot of menu studying). Since then I've just concluded it's more than good enough.

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On article Under pressure: Canon vs. Nikon in a hydraulic press (286 comments in total)

Come back when you've done a 1DXII Vs D5.

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On article DxOMark confirms Canon EOS 1D X II sensor advances (217 comments in total)
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ozturert: Have they underexposed by 5EV and then balanced the exposure? That is the new fashion in internet, you know...

The only take home message from the DxO figures are that Canon has made a leap forward in low ISO DR and now overall there's very little to choose between the latest cameras unless you have niche requirements: absolute best high iso-D5, absolute best speed-1dXII, very largest prints - one of the ultra high resolution DSLRs. There is no best camera for everything and I for one think that DxO's attempt to equate different photography genres with specific sensor measurements is ludicrous. Even among landscapers there will be arguments over whether 50MP is better than 36MP with better exposure lattitude. I'm confident that my 1DXII would shoot great landscpes if I was capable in that area.

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Adam2: Classic liberal socialism. Thank G-d I live in the U.S., though this country is quickly becoming like Europe.

Commie b'stards!

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On article Will consumer DSLRs be 'dead in 5 years?' (143 comments in total)

The boom in DSLR sales has in large part been to gadget geeks rather than people with a genuine interest in photography. Double digit sales growth was always going to be unsustainable. Growth has passed its peak and the economic climate is now causing a rapid sales contraction. For most people a mirrorless camera is plenty good enough and will get more use but they're more likely to get a new iphone anyway.
We are just going back to a smaller, more stable market. Revenues and rates of technical development will decline. Canon are probably better placed to withstand this as a company because they have a much more diversified business.

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I don't see this as glorifying the Klan. I look at this and see that parts of poor white America haven't progressed since the 1950s. Nothing aspirational about ugly people in ugly locations with their ugly ideas and beliefs. Almost inspires pity but worthwhile photographically IMO.

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Nice to see the Sigma 120-300 OS has improved a lot. It has previously been the most repaired lens by a large margin IIRC.
Sigma's new emphasis on QC seems to be more than just marketing.
Shame on the Canon14L II, an expensive prime, no IS and likely to be looked after better than average due to that front element reminding you to take care with it but still fails a lot.

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On article Photoshop CC: Adobe responds to reaction (1842 comments in total)

From reputable and respected software company to untrustworthy bad guys in a single move. Nice work. The cloud won't be seeing any of my money.

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I use photoshop less and less and no way will I pay a subscription for it. If LR goes the same way then I'll use an alternative to that too. Looks like Paintshop Pro or Gimp in my future.
I'm confident that Adobe will regret this move, if not now then in the long term. Customer loyalty is hard won and easily lost-this will open up the market for competitors.

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Mr Fartleberry: You'd think Adobe would try to encourage more licensed seats rather than drive people away, eh Grumpy?

I agree that If Adobe is to retain its hobbyist user base its pricing structure is going to have to change. I've tended to upgrade everytime since CS2 but I'm not sure I'd have bought Photoshop at all if I'd been buying in to the proposed upgrade system.
The main stimulus for me to upgrade has been RAW compatability for new cameras but I think LR makes this a lot less of an issue for me and I'm not sure I'll bother upgrading PS in future.
If You use PS all day every day it's a must but I can cope pretty well with LR and an older version of PS (or for that matter GIMP or Paintshop Pro). Plenty of other places to spend my money.

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