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The image quality does rival my Canon 5d II and except for the zone focusing/manual focusing issue the camera makes a great friend when I do not want to blow away the spectators on the street. It does not replace any of my cameras...but I admit I bought it thinking it should be able to be pre-set to a distance and using f11 then go through life not caring about slower focus than some other cameras. I am confident Fuji can correct this and then it would be getting higher marks. Now I do not use the camera at all and other than doing my own tests on image quality I will wait on Fuji. I do have two Contax g2 lenses and since they would be used in manual focus mode ...this issue most like ly would disappear....a great third or fourth camera and just one of the tools I use to get the job done and enjoy photography....knowing there will never be a perfect camera, a perfect camera bag or for that matter even a perfect image....but we do keep trying don't we.

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On article First Impressions: Using the Fujifilm X-Pro1 (228 comments in total)

Having used mine for 3 weeks I feel like Fuji is using me and many others like lab rats. There are so many great attributes to the camera but several are just not up to a $2500 purchase [incl taxes] Battery life is the worst I have seen in any camera, the focusing [and no I do not shoot like I had my 5DII in my hands] is finicky, the RAW processing software, as many have said, is just not worth the effort.
Again it seems they launched this camera based on market timing and put it on the market thinking it was good enough. What I think happened is this...a far more sophisticated purchaser bucked up for this new toy to compliment their photographic interests. Thus the expectations are high ....VALUE is where performance exceeds expectations.
For me this Fuji is worth having...but not really giving me value other than fairly good quality shots, great build quality and may I say it...a conversation piece on the street.

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