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Whats the point of having a small m43 camera if you are going to stick something like this to it?

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It doesn't matter how much money you make. If you buy this, you are an idiot.

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u2slow: all the people who complain about M are people who can't afford them.

it is like they can't afford a Porsche, so they get a Honda, it get you there anyways.

Difference: A Porsche does not perform like a Honda

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>> Leica has announced a more affordable rangefinder
Finally, thats awesome.

>> the company describes the M-E as being a stripped-back camera
Ok, thats fine, go on

>> with a retail price of $5,450
F**k you too Leica, keep enjoying your insignificance.

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On article GX1: Interview with Panasonic US's Darin Pepple (31 comments in total)

1) Hire dude with giant hands
2) Make camera look tiny
3) profit

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"Now your talkin'! Leap frog, the APC, and go FF. Mate that with a stellar, f/1.8, or better, normal prime! All in a total package, smaller than the D5100, and it's a done deal! Priced at no more than $500 to start"

Thrown an all-purpose robot/mech servant, and a harem of 57 young virgins, and they almost got me sold!

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