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I want two cameras:
First a mirrorless with top notch EVF, about the size of a Nikon 1 V1. I even like the 2.7 crop. With my bad wrists, I can't lift the big lenses much. I want the little 1" sensor to have very usable ISO upto iso6400 expandable to 25,000 as well as have a minimum of 14MP. Fast continuous focus. Lastly, a 250mm f/1.8 prime stabilized lens. This should be possible at a decent size for a sensor of that size.
The second camera would be a FF similar in form to the new low end offerings of late. Sensor minimum 24MP with CF card slots, 10fps, D3s low-light performance and pixel binning for 10-12MP very low light performance. You know absolutely clean images at ISO 12800. I would also like an attachment that will directly cool the sensor for super long exposures to do star trails and the like with a single exposure. The external controls that are on the D300.

And if I could have a third, I actually like that concept camera that started this thread.

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JakeB: About a year ago Tokina announced a similar lens which still hasn't been released.

Given the quality of Tokina's 12-24 f4 lens I'd be very interested.

Tamron, not so much.

Tokina's lens is an f/4 lens while this competes with the f/2.8 crowd. I am interested to see both, but Tamron has the best IS (VC in their vernacular) on the market. If the AF is good, unlike the original version, then it is probably a winner as Tamron has been doing stellar work optically on recent releases. The Tokina on the other hand will be cool if it is lighter. Problem being they are usually heavy where an f/4 lens is usually optimized for weight and size. If both weigh in at about the same size and weight, wouldn't the smart buy for the Tamron?

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On article Sigma stabilizes 50-150mm F2.8 EX DC APO OS HSM (18 comments in total)

Too expensive? Who offers a stabilized f/2.8 50-150 for APS-C at under $1100? Nikon's closest offering is a $2500 70-200 f/2.8 beast. Closest Canon is the very nice f/4 70-200 is. And both are FF lenses. And the Canon is f/4. So, why would you think any of the Aftermarket manufacturers would what to offer their lenses at their cost! This is a reasonable price for an introduction. This is an initial price, so wait until it drops in price if you don't like the price. Wait for a short time and a few hardly used pieces will show up for sale and save even more.
The size is a concern of course, but it is supposedly optimized optically for APS Cameras and as such has an appeal at the short end for us who shoot the smaller sensor. In the mean time, for me, it beats anything Nikon offers spec wise in the APS world and warrants a good look given that they have the second best Stabilization system out there. As to ergonomics... I actually find that Sigma does a pretty good job.

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