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Texdance: Pentax was always a very small company, sometimes making such great cameras that people forgot how tiny they were compared to Nikon and Canon. Thus Pentax, following Vietnam and the screw-mount era, was unable to truly ever compete with the two big others N and C, except in niches. The last great Pentax film camera was the PZ1-p, the very best film camera of its era, easily surpassing in features anything in its price range made by Nikon or Canon, while still enjoying a wide range of optically fine AF and MF lenses and powerful dedicated flashes. But that is ancient history now, and no amount of water or tears under the bridge will bring Pentax to a top-tier camera corporation. Thus what they offer today in the digital field - weak video, no on-board flash, still weak AF compared to N and C, and no intention of ever becoming a world player for any reason.

You make an underlying assumption they WANT to rival canon/Nikon. Nothing in their strategy has ever indicated this is an aspiration. The last time they even attempted a professional kit ( apart from the medium format stuff ) was the LX in the 1980's. They have alway been pro-Sumer , innovation oriented and value oriented. Half the feature you see now in the other brands were all invented by or pioneered by Pentax including the digital SLR

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