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On article Opinion: Do we really need all those buttons and dials? (885 comments in total)

Pros need to program their buttons. Until the iPhone 35 comes out...or iPhone 85. Jeez.

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On photo Flicker 4x6 in the A big year - birds 2021 challenge (12 comments in total)

Go back to that RAW file and hit it with some Topaz noise reduction AI. That image deserves some special treatment.

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CQui: Easy to say now, I know, if / when I have an electronic thing that fall into water, especialy salt or dirty water,

1 Shut off any power supply to the thing, remove battery and push start button for 10 sec.
2 Open any door or acces, remove buttons that can be removed,
3 Rince in the clearest water you can find, demineralised is best and soak your device in it in the hope that salt or polution get rinced out,
Repeat 3 until the water seems clean
4 wipe dry as much as possible without damagine anything,
5 Dry with moderate heat and/or in a sealed box with rice or other humidity absorbant
6 Wait overnight
Try your device again

Yes, it's not fresh water that damages, it's salty or other polluted water. I've put computer motherboards and other components in a dishwasher with great results.. Just make sure completely dry before supplying electricity or it will be dead.

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On photo Sleek, Mysterious......And Fast!! in the Aviation Legends: Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird challenge (25 comments in total)

WOW! Just WOW!

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pseudobreccia: Now that is funny! Nikon is expecting "extraordinary" losses! Such sensationalism!

Great analogy!

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Note that the Headline "extraordinary losses" conjures up a fantastic amount of loss, more so than ever before. But that is not so. "extraordinary" items in financial reporting means one-time, out of the ordinary charges. Usually companies take opportunities during hard times to clean up their balance sheets and take one-time charges (in this case fixed asset write-offs so they don't have to take periodic depreciation expense in future years). These extraordinary charges (losses) are reported "below the line", meaning below the real operating profit or loss line in the financial statements. They write off as much as they can (as long as their independent auditor's agree with it), so they set themselves up for the future. i.e. Take a ton of costs now, so future profits look good. Brush up on your accounting terms folks ;)

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psartman: I've tried the Godox smartphone flashes, the interface is still terrible, they don't work with native photo app, and they are limited to 1/45 second sync. I'm a serious iPhone photographer (in spite of also working with high-end Sony full frame), and am very excited about this development. I'm a decades-long full-time photographer and educator and don't quite understand the notion the phones don't count as real cameras. The technology is amazing and very useful, and its always with you.

Agreed, period.

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On photo With a Catch in the A big year - birds 2019 challenge (8 comments in total)

To me it appears over-processed, and the subject is too far left in the frame. I don't like the vignetting decision. I think only post-processing needs to be re-worked. The shot itself is great!

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On photo Sports Portrait of Hendrick Burgers in the Sports portrait challenge (4 comments in total)

Fantastic action, subject expression, colors and details. The overall mood is nice and funky...I don't know how to explain it, but I like it! Almost studio like lighting. If I had any criticism, and this is just my opinion, brighten it up by +2/3 or so in PP.

All in all, you deserve #1 with this shot.

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