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  • Just a side comment: The SL1 will be upgraded in 2017. This is a confirmed rumor.

  • My TV and my receiver both are able to upscale 1080p into a semblance of 4K and there is quite an improvement. My blu-ray player can play 4K disks too. 4K has been around now for several years and...

  • Commented on photo Michel in the Your City - Pensioners challenge

    Great photo!

  • Bummer. I have been a subscriber for a really long time. I get Shutterbug mag too. I hope it stays viable for many more years.

  • I am merely repeating what Santilli has shown on his websites. I am making no claims on his behalf. To do that I would have to understand his mathematics and cosmology. I don't.  It is up to you ...
  • The movie provides a very good analogy for what is happening in the U$A right now. Just about all we (the big "we", not you and me) believe to be true is an illusion. That is the Matrix, a reality ...
  • We're trying to figure out if Santilli is the real deal or a charlatan. So far, it looks more like the latter. IMO, if he were to drop the antimatter light controversy/products and concentrate on ...
  • The light for the Santilli scope is from antimatter. It is conjugate light so it works oppositiely as "normal" light.
  • I am poorer than a church mouse.
  • Hmm. Obummer got a Peace Prize then bombed 7 countries.
  • The problem with being beyond the bleeding edge is that it's too easy and too tempting, for whatever reason, to dismiss him. There seems to be only a few people who can follow the new mathematics ...
  • See too:
  • They now are networking telescopes too. Also using neural networks to enhance resolution.
  • ;-) Keep the discoveries coming and someday you'll be famous too, matey.
  • Those photos are excellent! Kudos to you, Namasté
  • It appears Dr. Santilli is trying to get funding for his startup corporation, Thunder Energies. His company seems to have lofty goals. I wish him luck.
  • It looks like Santilli is trying to get investors for his startup, Thunder Energies Corporation.
  • Okay.  I like your spirited reply. :-D I will do some more digging and see what unfolds. Santilli might be a shyster but he sure went to a lot of trouble to look legit. He might be like the Italian ...
  • P. Bhujbal, J. V. Kadeisvili, A. Nas, S Randall, and T. R. Shelke Preliminary confirmation of the detection of antimatter galaxies via Santilli telescope with concave lenses, Clifford Analysis, ...
  • If this is nonsense then explain this: They are selling a complete line of his telescopes. You want to eat your hat now or later?
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