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xPhoenix: Two words come to mind when I think of Sony cameras—highly overrated. Can they produce good images? Sure. Is it worth dumping a Canon/Nikon DSLR and glass for one? Hell, no.

Only the popularity of the EF mount has stopped me from switching from Canon to Sony. It's not just my existing investment in Canon lenses (and the fact that all the adapters are reputed to suck), but also that Panasonic, Red, BlackMagic, and of course Canon offer EF mounts on their video cameras. Thus for video I'm likely to be buying EF lenses for some time.

Canon's overpriced, crippled offerings betray their continued cluelessness about what photographers and videographers need.

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jb11bear: In 1964 Pentax rocked the SLR world with the introduction of the Spotmatic even though Pentax was not the first to market a camera with through-the-lens stopped down metering. Topcon beat them to the market by a year, but Pentax was at that time the first of the 4 major brands to do so. This camera became a huge success because at that time Pentax had the consumer base and market presence that Topcon did not have. These three interplaying factors determine success: technological innovation, a consumer base, and market presence. This is as true today just as much as it was in 1964. We shall see how Nikon, Canon, and Sony will fare as time goes on. In the mean time we can watch the Sony peanut gallery and the Nikon & Canon spoilers wrestle with each other. Those who comment here are not the market. The market consists of all those who are unaware that DPR even exists, and who buy their cameras at Costco, Amazon, Sam's Club, Best Buy, or even Walmart, etc.

Mmmm, as more people use their phones as their sole cameras, that's becoming less true.

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Canon: a company out wandering in the weeds and desperately in need of a management house-cleaning.

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There's a manual focusing mode, but no apparent focusing ring. Brilliant.

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The SLR Magic Web site is incompetent. No product info, just a list of items and images. \/\/TF?

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Yet Adobe can't be bothered to fix glaring defects and functionality gaps in its most popular products. Photoshop is full of embarrassing defects, and Premiere lacks fundamental functions that make anything resembling a professional workflow essentially impossible. I mean.... hiding video files from the software to "trick it" into relinking clips to a color-corrected version? That's pathetic.

Then there's Illustrator, which is essentially abandonware at this point.

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phoman: Don’t bother me one bit, $10/m is nothing for a pro who makes living off photography. Just skip couple trips per month to a coffee shop and this $10/m subscription becomes free ;)

Yeah, as long as all the rip-offs we're subjected to are little ones, they can't possibly add up!

So apparently if you can compare the amount you're getting jacked for to "a cup of coffee," you should just happily give it away. SWEET!

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Thoughts R Us: Subscription model is just another business model with pros and cons.

More and more we use it: with our music, our movies/TV shows, cloud based storage solutions, etc. We've used the model with our cable TV and internet for a long time.

Software is heading in that same direction. Personally, I prefer the Adobe subscription. I get updates far more frequently, cloud based syncing with mobile apps, and really the cost is not bad at all. For about a Starbucks or two a month I get PS and LR.

If purchased under the old model, that would have been over $1000. Right now I pay $120/yr, and so it would take me about 8 years to equal the cost of purchasing outright, and that doesn't include any upgrades, the mobile apps, cloud based storage, etc.

Updates that do what? Adobe, for all the success of its rip-off, can't be bothered to fix glaring defects in its products. Illustrator is practically abandonware at this point, and Premiere lacks fundamental functions.

Adobe trowels out gimmicky junk while not fixing problems that embarrass professional users who are trying to serve clients.

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fatdeeman: It takes a photo of the focusing screen? It's quite misleading isn't it!? It's obvious people will think this is a genuine digital substitute to film.

It sounds incredibly lame.

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flip 21: RIP Canon... cause of death: Canon thinks costumers are stupid or morons, and therefore they continue to ignore competition...

"will not be able to differentiate from a Sony etc without loading the raw file into adobe and pushing the sliders all the way up"

Wrong. In this case, we're talking about fundamental crippling, as noted in the intro to this review.

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On article Canon EOS M50: What you need to know (431 comments in total)
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TC999: I am looking for the Canon FF mirrorless with EF mount, no need adapter.
I have couple Canon L lenses, I have no reason to buy APS-C mirrorless.

Full-frame lenses work fine with an APS-C sensor. In fact, you're using the "sweet spot" of the lens all the time.

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No way would I buy a computer now, when its processor will be hobbled by software workarounds for Spectre and Meltdown.

Intel hasn't promised to make pin-compatible replacements for current processors (not to mention that Apple, with its continually degraded construction, has probably soldered them in anyway), so you're buying a flawed architecture that will never be allowed to run at full performance.

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Peter Sills: Look, both sides make a big deal out of which is better? Ford or Chevy. To each his own. The issue is generally that PC people know a lot more about computers as many of them have either specced the machine down to the detail or built them themselves.

The Mac is perfect if you do not care and just want a computer which is slightly more limited, but is an "all in one" solution. Just don't give me the BS about the Mac gets less viruses, or is more stable, etc. I work with and use both and that is just simply not the case.

Macs ARE PCs.

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Raymond Cho: I am sure there are very nice Windows laptops and desktops like the Macs but they are just as expensive. Apple doesn't make cheap student computers etc etc.

If we kitted out a nice looking desktop with 4k or 5k screen, Intel Xeon. ECC RAM etc etc .. it won't be cheap.

For me at least I can cut corners and get it cheaper but I won't have the same workstation quality parts. With a $80 motherboard I can get NVMe SSD storage for eg... or just the standard SATA3 SSD.

"Workstation-quality parts?"

No. The iMac is a cheeseball agglomeration of laptop and desktop parts, stuffed into a glued-together chassis that makes hideous compromises to look thinner when photographed at a 45-degree angle.

You'll see the costs of that when your computer sleeps or shuts down at random and you have to pay 1/4 its price to make it work again after a couple of years.

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ẈTF? So remove it for the Getty images, but leave it for everything else.

Or are they too incompetent for that?

Speaking of which, Getty is too lazy or incompetent to protect its images, so instead they whine to Google.

Sheer stupidity.

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Dr_Jon: I do wish people would stop calling things "Holograms" that aren't, just as it sounds cool. I've not no chance with that though have I, as marketing people really don't care. Microsoft's Hololens isn't a Hologram either....

BTW I never thought of the screen on my Fuji W3 as holographic, but while it sounds trendy I can't bring myself (it's a glasses-free 3D screen). Ditto for AR devices other than Microsoft's low-resolution (and expensive) effort.

Actually, it is YOU who is not using the term correctly. Inform yourself:

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cosinaphile: yeah sure whatever .... a big red dot enclosing a graphic of aperture blades ? lol

until i see a holo display i wll not believe it in this phone

hydrogen is a good name for this vaporware .... whats with the faux heatsink ?

when it ships and im proved wrong i wonder who they think will buy it ?

its not gonna appeal to the Vertu phone crowd

or apple users

android users ?

What would you want as a module grafted to a phone, instead of as a stand-alone device?

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Fishchris: I want to see the Holo display before I pass judgement.... But either way, $1100-1600 on a phone is rediculous !

Heck, $500 is rediculous. LOVE my $100 ZTE Blade Z Max, with an awesome 6" screen ☺️

“Modular” phones have been tried and failed, because they’re dumb.

Anything you want to have with you all the time should be built into the phone, and anything else may as well be a separate device. Why graft it onto a phone? So you can use its screen? Screens are cheap. Creating a bulky Frankenphone doesn’t make sense.

Sad that what Red IS building in is tacky gimmicks. “3-D” audio? What a tired relic of the ‘80s (Panasonic Platinum Ambience)... oh, and ‘90s (QSound). And there’s no way that thing is going to shoot legit 3-D as shown in the renders, because you need lenses almost three inches apart (the spacing of human eyes).

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Turbguy1: The PPTV King 7S phone has the BEST autostereoscopic lenticular display I have experienced to date. 5.5" 2.5K screen. About $140 on

Plenty of other examples of lenticular or parallax barrier based displays out there. They all suffer from ghosting/crosstalk to some degree.

Hopefully, this really is something different....

It’s not.

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rc4bs: A very close friend of mine works in production at RED Digital in Irvine, CA. He told me about this camera phone 2 months before it was disclosed publically. He said that around the plant no one spoke of it beyond hushed tones: that the available info about this phone was kept so secret, that little beyond what DP Review disclosed last year was known. He added that the excitement about this phone was very, VERY high. But he also said that the very nature of product secrecy builds that excitement, so - like a lot of us - he will wait until he has one in his hand before he decides if it lives up to all the hype.

Cool story, bro.

Hey, did that rash clear up? How are the kids?

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