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So Apple stabilized the lens that needs it LESS.

You know what? Apple should just remove the lens from the camera. I mean.. lenses are "old" technology, just like the headphone jack. Then they could sell a lens dongle, to "adapt" the camera to taking pictures. Just like the headphone dongle adapts the music player to play music.

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Scottelly: O.k., so Apple added a telephoto camera to their already image stabilized, wide-angle camera, so now their iPhone 7 plus has a second camera . . . but the second camera doesn't include image stabilization. Big deal.

56mm equivalent is not telephoto.

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LaurenceSvirchev: I'm flummoxed why media commenters are universally calling a 56mm lens "telephoto." That is just media razzmatazz. Please DPReview, don't fall into a language-baloney trap.

Other than that, the photographic advances Apple has made with their new iphone, are simply amazing.

Think of what they could do if they didn't idiotically make the phone thinner every iteration. Not only has Apple ruined the usefulness of the device by (among other things) removing battery capacity, but a by-product of that stupid move is crippled photographic capability.

With the obvious competitive importance of the camera, and also of the many battery-consuming features and applications of the phone, and now the asinine removal of the headphone jack (necessitating a dongle that blocks access to the charging port)... the embarrassingly lame "thinness" gimmick that Apple keeps pushing isn't just lame; it's hurting the company's bottom line.

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Steve Ives: Sounds like a bunch of old fogeys on here, discussing film/digital, CD/vinyl, CD/MP3, Playstation/Xbox etc.

The iPhone is the world's most popular camera - photography has EXPLODED in popularity since the advent of decent cameras in phones.

To most of the world, photography and cameras mean a smartphone & Instagram and sharing them immediately with your friends. They would just laugh at some old guy, with a heavy bag of cameras and lenses, telling they that their photos are crap.

OK - you might think your P&S takes better photos - someone else will think their D-SLR takes better ones and someone else that their film SLR is best. Then someone will say that MF is better and then someone will chime in that MF sucks compared to 8"x10" plate...

They're good photos - just deal with it or ignore it.

Except... they're not.

See? And this sentiment has nothing to do with other equipment or options.

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Francis Sawyer: This totally makes up for the iPhone 7 being a music player with no audio output.

Whose comment are you answering? Nobody said anything about sound quality (about which your assertions are dubious anyway). It's about USABILITY. With no audio output, you can't use a planet full of billions of audio devices that take line-level audio as their input. Car stereos, home stereos, PAs, DJ setups, hotel-room radios, TVs, portable amps of all kinds...

And the pathetic "adapter"? That'll work great on your road trip, when you want to listen to music and navigate... but you can't, because you have to power your phone through the Lightning port. Not to mention, why carry another piece of junk around with your "thin, elegant" iPhone? You already have to carry the power brick and wad of wire around, since it's so "thin" that it has almost no battery. And then there's the bulky, tacky case that the vast majority of people bury the "thin, elegant" iPhone in because it can't withstand being used for its primary purpose.

Think it through.

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havoc315: The image quality can come darn close to most P&S cameras under $300-- perhaps even better (how many of those p&s cameras have 1.8 aperture? so the slight loss in sensor size is made up by the faster lens)
But then throw in -- how many of those $300 p&s cameras have 4K video? and superb touch screens? and ultra fast processors? and tons of editing capability in the camera. and RAW support. and GPS. and fantastic Wifi implementation, to allow instant sharing of photos in email, text, Instagram, etc.

Essentially, if you took out the "phone" and the phone company subsidy, this would still be a $400+ camera.

The "4K" video will be as much a fraud has "HD" has been on the vast majority of devices up to this point. In fact, worse. There's no way the storage system on this phone will have the throughput to record anything truly worthy of being called 4K.

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José B: Awesome pics! 7Plus looks like a winner just like Stan the Man's much vaunted one-handed topspin backhand. Can't wait to get mine.

Well, let's hope he's not buying it to listen to music.

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Aroart: This new iPhone will be epic for i phoneograhers.. Bravo Apple for giving the new iPhone a much needed boost on the photo capabilities .... It be awesome if Apple got into the mirrorless market...

Yeah, just what we need: More regressive, anti-user junk from Apple.

Remember, this is the company that just removed the audio output from its best-selling music players.

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J Parker: Photos from this camera are ok -- depending on what you consider photography to be...

As a portrait painter, I was always amazed how when I painted a subject in a realistic manner, it would resemble a photograph when reduced in size. This is what so many digital sensors (not only the iphone, but even some dslrs as well) actually do -- they produce smooth 'paintings' at full size that resemble photographs when reduced to normal printing or web sizes. At even less than full size, so much of digital 'photography' departs from the traditional rendering accomplished by film, and certain ccd and cmos sensors. That doesn't mean the images produced are bad -- just very different from the type of images cameras have traditionally been capable of (i.e. look at an old Marilyn Monroe, Ali, or Sally Mann portrait -- I'll take the grain over today's watercolor-like images any day). It just feels strange obsessing over a camera that can't render as well as cameras from 50+ years ago....


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Tom_A: The quality is pretty good for a camera that you can always have with you, without any effort.
Of course out dslrs are better, but at least I don't have mine with me all the time. In practice I take many pictures with my iphone 6+, 2 generations older yet within its limitations also quite good. I use it when simply on the go such as on the way towards a business meeting if I notice something interesting. It's really quite good as a backup camera, it is also very easy to share and with apps like hipstamatic I can immediately make a decent conversion to black and white or other processing.
Here are 2 pictures I quickly grabbed with the iphone in 2 airports when coming back from business trips, both postprocessed in hipstamatic. I think they look quite acceptable. Yes my fuji or a scan from my medium format film cameras would be better, but i don't carry them in my suit pocket. For info these pictures were shot through glass, you can notice that a bit for example in the sky.

It's "DSLR," "Fuji," "Hipstamatic..."

Capital letters: They're not that scary.

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On article ESPN publishes iPhone 7 Plus photos from US Open (359 comments in total)

This totally makes up for the iPhone 7 being a music player with no audio output.

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FLruckas: If it was a Sony it would have overheated....

Then uh oh!


If it WERE a Sony...

Stay in school, kids.

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n3eg: Should I say it? Should I? I'll say it.

If it was micro four thirds instead of a DSLR, NOTHING WOULD HAVE HAPPENED.

There, I said it.

If it WERE Micro Four-Thirds...

Literacy is your friend.

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Valiant Thor: If it was a Canon camera, the plane would have crashed.

If it WERE a Canon camera.

Grammar and humor failure.

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APenza: For the price of $9.99 I pay monthly for PS and LR I find it a reasonable cost for the quality of the program's content. And as a hobbiest I probably only use about 20% of what PS has to offer as I use Lr for most of my editing. I'm also slow to adapt to the benefits of the upgrades but after I start using them it is hard to go back to the previous versions.
If Adobe significantly raised the subscription price I may consider going back to the last LR and PS that I own. Many do not like this subscription model and I too prefer to own the program outright, however, I know of so many 'photographers' who have said they used pirated PS that it makes sense that Adobe would protect their business. In the end we all have to pay for those that steal.

"When an update is published, don't update. Wait, go to the forums, see what issues are included then decide"

That's a problem when these jagoffs make EVERY update's file format artificially different, to break compatibility and force teams to update if ANYONE updates.

It's disgraceful. There no excuse for changing file formats every few months. If Adobe thinks this is truly necessary, it represents gross engineering incompetence.

But then again... it's Adobe we're talking about.

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On article Epson's 4K home projectors to go on sale next month (59 comments in total)

Fix the clearly wrong headline or stop writing for the site. It's that simple.

Who's going to rely on a site that puts (and KEEPS) bullshít on its pages?

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REDred Photo: I generally like Epson products... but I'm not a fan of manipulative marketing claims. "Incredibly long lamp life" ... "Watch a movie every day for 7 years." And that's only in low-power mode.

Do the math. That's less than 4500 hours of lamp life. That's perfectly fine... but it's nothing special either. Average lamp life for home and office projectors is 3000-4000 hours at full power and 4000-6000 hours in "eco" mode.

I'm sure it's a beautiful projector. Why go out of your way to manipulate consumers with 'emperor's-new-clothes' claims on specifications? Just seems sleazy to me.

Now look at LED projectors from LG... 30,000 hours lamp life. The Barco projectors go for 100,000 hours! That's "incredibly long life" for a projector.

The "rainbow effect" doesn't come from "alternative lamp technologies." It comes from spinning color wheels, which are used on DLP projectors (which this isn't).

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tjwaggoner: I'm sorry but the level of hurt feelings on display in these comments from people who are so desperate to have their decisions validated by strangers is simply sad and pathetic. These are nothing but opinions of people. That's it. No different than when I say I like X brand of hot sauce on my food and the guy at the next table like his brand. My goodness some people need to grow up. To those saying "it's not unbiased" blah blah. It's not supposed to be unbiased. They're not journalists. This is their opinion.

Welcome to DPReview. If you criticize anything, the crybabies will assail you with infantile claims that you work for a competitor, or you don't own a camera, or you don't know what you're doing, or essentially "you're holding it wrong."

Cognitive dissonance at its finest. People paid a lot for something, and how dare you come in with opinions or even FACTS that call their decision into question? KILL THE MESSENGER!

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"Top ten favorite" doesn't make sense.

It's just "the ten favorite."

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On article Adobe boosts Lightroom Mobile with Raw editing for iOS (60 comments in total)

And these raw photos get onto your gimped iOS device HOW, exactly? And where, since Apple has deemed a file system "too scary" for its apparently retarded users.

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