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So, this thing will be able to do 60p 4K INTERNALLY?

That's not made explicit in this article.

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M Chambers: This is what the Second Amendment is for. To shoot these things down!

And what happens to the bullets that miss and fall to the ground with the same speed at which they left?

Pretty sure a bullet through the head will do more than a drone.

Better use a net-shooting blunderbuss.

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Jefbak: If the new XLR adapter requires the hotshoe for DC power (is there another DC input?), then that means it has to be located on the top of the camera. Having used adapters like that before I can guess that will change how cages that were used for the GH4 need to be configured. Examples would be proper placement of a handle or grip and external monitor if you used them in the past with a GH4. I've also found it almost impossible to use the EVF with an external shotgun mic attached to a hotshoe adapter (because it's hard to avoid hitting the mic with your forehead - but maybe that's just me). This not complaint, just an observation of the challenges this new adapter may create...

It's a bit ridiculous to plug XLRs into this thing. The plugs and cables will be almost as heavy as the camera, and nearly as bulky. How are you expecting to maneuver this little camera with XLR cables dangling off of it?

If you care enough to use good mics, you most likely care enough to use a legitimate audio recorder and not the cheeseball preamps and cumbersome audio UI of a compact camera.

I agree that a timecode input would be more useful.

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marcio_napoli: It blows the mind to think this little cam is possibly better than the 100 thousand dollars body only, Sony CineAltas George Lucas shot Star Wars II and III.

It blows the mind on so many levels.

Those overpriced HD video cameras inspired Jim Jannard to start Red to create one that was worthy of being used for movies.

Like Red or not, they deserve credit for getting Sony and everyone else off their asses and changing filmmaking forever.

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Isn't that for VJ Day?

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Yes, because Nikon has the basic intelligence to put an intervalometer in its cameras.

Canon, \/\/TF? There is NO excuse for omitting an intervalometer from ANY camera today. It's an essentially free feature to implement.

DP Review spent years hounding Canon for not having a warning light if you happened to open the CF hatch while a file was being written. But it gives them (and everyone else) a free pass on leaving out the intervalometer? Ridiculous.

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mcshan: Epson makes the ink available at many store BUT too soon discontinues models and ink types. First they disappear from Staples, then Target and finally your local camera store. After that you have to order directly from the company while the ink is available.

Your "new" Epson is obsolete before it starts to get worn out.

At this point there's no excuse for introducing new cartridge types.

I figured there was more to say, but... there isn't.

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sierranvin: Any new Epson model is no doubt designed to clog frequently, then spew vast quantities of overpriced ink in its ongoing attempts to clean nozzles. This is what all their models do!
It is Epson's fundamental mission: waste, then sell, overpriced ink.

Take a look at their "Eco Print" line, and you'll find... NOT ONE PRINTER. All they offer is multifunction junk, combining scanner, printer, and (hello grandpa) FAX MACHINE!

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bobbarber: Epson printers are like the little girl in the poem.

When they're good, they're very, very good.

But when they're bad, they're horrid.

The fickleness and expense of high-end printers has got to be the most frustrating disadvantage to digital photography. One clogged nozzle and your print is banded.

With all the miracle improvements we see in cameras almost daily, why can't they get printers right? Why is there an Epson (slightly challenged by Canon) monopoly?

I need a new printer right now, and I see a big "Sucker!" sign in my mind every time I think about clicking the order button. I'm afraid to take the plunge.

I've owned the C88, C88+, Stylus 1200, R1800, and 2200. I have gotten SPECTACULAR results at times. The C88 models were the most trouble-free for me, but only 4 colors.

But in the end come the inevitable clogs, pizza-wheel marks, drops of black ink from the inefficient waste system, etc.

It is easier to control dust on an enlarger than deal with this crap. Seriously.

I think you overestimate the challenges.

First off, HP is not a contender for readers of this site because of its píss-poor drivers. "Dumbed-down" would be a kind assessment. "Comprehensively defective" would be a realistic assessment.

The clogging issue could undoubtedly be remedied through the provision of a flushing system that allowed users to flush print heads with solvent after a use session. Fill the reservoir with Windex and then have a utility to flush the heads before any extended period of disuse.

But you see, that's not going to happen, because that impedes the manufacturers from ripping you off.

Don't be an apologist for anti-consumer behavior.

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How long before it clogs beyond all redemption?

Two weeks? Two months?

WHO CAN SAY? But you can bet it'll be soon.

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Mister J: My Epson R3000 has been Mr Reliable with simple controls and excellent output. Importantly I think, is that all inks and papers have been Epson OEM supplies. Friend of mine chose another brand of 'cheap' ink that effectively ruined his machine.

So you're locked into being ripped off for OEM ink.

Good to know!

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There are several things here that don't make sense:

"Internal recording will be limited to 8-bit 4:2:0 IPB encoding at up to 150Mbps...At lower frame rates, the camera can capture 10-bit, 4:2:2 footage internally"

OK, if the first statement applies only the maximum 4K frame rates for internal recording, what's the bitrate for the second statement?

And why, oh why, do camera manufacturers continue to inexplicably reduce the bitrate with the resolution (or frame rate)? Look at this: "4K 4:2:2 10-bit recording at 400Mbps, and 1080/60p 4:2:2 10-bit recording at 200Mbps"

Why can't we record 1080p/60 at 400 Mbps?

Then this: "The summer firmware update promises some very big improvements, including DCI/UHD 4K 4:2:2 10-bit recording at 400Mbps, and 1080/60p 4:2:2 10-bit recording at 200Mbps, both using All-Intra compression."

So does that mean INTERNAL recording at these rates? If not, the "all-intra" comment doesn't make sense; that'd be determined by the external recorder, not camera.

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On article Flickr reveals its top 25 photos of 2016 (190 comments in total)
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fatdeeman: It's a shame that astrophotograhpy has become so overused, it's a great technique that requires genuine skill to execute but I see it going the same way as badly done HDR even though you can't buy plugins that automatically do astrophotography.

That "badly done HDR" was LDR mislabeled "HDR."

At least now some real HDR gear is trickling into consumers' universe, so hopefully they'll finally learn what it is.

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torji: Too bad the new macbooks won't have SD card slots though

"Now I have the flexibility to configure my system the way that works best for me"

That's typically an apologist crock, used to make oneself more comfortable with being ripped off. However, I will agree that the inclusion of an SD reader was always kind of strange, given the variety of different-sized SD variants and the use of CF cards in many cameras. So why go to the trouble of building a slot for only one card type into the hardware.

And as far as HDMI goes, DisplayPort is superior technology that is easily adapted to HDMI with a sub-$10 adapter. And given that you have to carry an HDMI cable anyway, the dinky dongle is no big deal.

But the MacBook with no available ports is a monument to stupidity.

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NDT0001: The new MacBooks are the first macbook pro i have no desire to upgrade to. The absence of usb3 ports and that utterly absurd price being the main factors.
Having said that, i think apple are really on to something with this hybrid keyboard. I think they will keep the tactile letter keys into the future but i reckon eventually all the other line keys will be integrated into the touch style bar, and with good reason. To dynamically change the function keys based on the software your in is truly useful.

"all the other line keys will be integrated into the touch style bar, and with good reason"

So you're cheerleading for A MEMBRANE KEYBOARD. Those are absolute garbage. They were tried in the '80s and widely scorned.

You're not supposed to LOOK at your keyboard; that's why people have learned how to type for what, 150 years? It's also why other, better graphical/dynamic keyboards have failed, even with palpable keys.

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arhmatic: I tried the bar in the apple store. Too crammed and small to be useful for fast workflow...

It should be at least twice as tall, so you can use it without hunting... just like a keyboard. The size is really a remnant from the old FN keys. I though apple can be a little more creative...

You can't use it without hunting now matter what the size is, because there are no palpable keys on it. That's why it's stupid; you're supposed to compulsively look down at your keyboard every few seconds to see if surprise goodies have popped up. That's no way to work.

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FantasticMrFox: 2012 I bought a top of the line MacBook Pro 13' with almost maxed out hardware (i7, 8GB Ram, but no SSD etc.) for what I remember to have been between €1,500 and €1,700. The recent 2016 MacBook Pro 13' configured to maximum specifications now runs €3,279.

Have they gone insane? A price increase of 100% over just four years?! Who is supposed to be able to still afford that stuff?!

"People that care about quality, reliability, etc."

WRONG. It's pretty clear that "iamatrix" is a desperate Apple apologist, who doesn't know anything about Apple products. Otherwise, he'd know that Apple quality has declined precipitously with each generation. Their computers are now glued together, with soldered-in RAM, laptop components in desktop computers, and pitifully degraded keyboards in their latest laptops. They've also gotten rid of the matte screen option, which reduces their entire line to glossy schlock that belongs at Best Buy next to fake-chrome-adorned HPs.

Wake up and reject this junk.

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falconeyes: I am seeing the expected comments here.

I am awaiting comments from real users of Photoshop with a new MBP if they observe any increase in productivity using the touch bar.

Moreover, I wonder if Apple has any plans to sell an external keyboard or touch pad with a touch bar. After all, many pros use MBP in clamshell mode with external keyboard and monitors.

"People hate what they are unable to afford, it's driven by jeslousy and envy."

Really? There's NO other reason? So if something sucks and we CAN afford it, we're not allowed to hate it?

Yes, that's the stupid statement you made.

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Barry Benowitz: Adobe needs to update slider functionality in photoshop internally and look to the future within its own software without involving thrid party gimmicks before doing anymore development outside the house. We all have waited to long for JOB'S like innovation. If Adobe hasn't already bought copies of some newer software the of Affiniy etc maybe a movie night with software engineers and some popcorn from Garrets might enlighten them?
Where are the colored paths? Why can't you choose to scroll thru Layers in preferences. How about HRD that's works. Where is the focus stacking logarithms that really give a quality stack? And get rid of that stupid new desktop like home screen! Give us some more auto selection tools without having to play with them for six months before they work.

There are so many other things Adobe should have been doing. Like fixing these:

1. Dialogs don't remember previous settings. The Image Size dialog is a great example. Every time you pull it up, the units of measure are reset. So you have to switch from pixels to percent, or inches to pixels, over and over and over. The Save As dialog demonstrates the same disregard for user choices.

2. By default, Undo alternates between Undo and Re-do. Other applications have had multi-step undo for 20 years, and there's already a re-do key.

3. You fix #2 by remapping Ctrl-Z to "step backward." This reveals another longstanding bug: "Step backward" inexplicably changes the layer that you selected, in addition to undoing the last action. If you were on a text layer and then switch to a bitmap layer and make a brush stroke, try pressing Ctrl-Z. Not only is the brush stroke undone, but the text layer is reselected, making it impossible to make a new stroke until you go and reselect the bitmap layer.

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This is preposterous.

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