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On article Have your say: Best high-end ILC of 2017 (169 comments in total)
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theronsan: The Leica M10 is the camera I would like to have. But I won't vote for it because I could get two D850 for the same price as one M10.

That is not the only argument/difference.

Link | Posted on Dec 13, 2017 at 02:30 UTC
On article Have your say: Best high-end ILC of 2017 (169 comments in total)
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JosephScha: How did the Nikon D850 slip into this? All the other cameras in this group are mirrorless. The D850 is a (very nice) DSLR. Are all cameras now classified as either fixed lens or ILC? Did DSLR go away? I don't think so, the review of the D850 calls it a DSLR, not an ILC. I think ILC was the acronym created for mirrorless cameras because no one liked calling them "Electronic Viewfinder Interchangeable Lens" (EVIL) cameras.

The M10 body may be a mirrorless but does not match the others( as being the only true range finder camera it is) with their integrated EVFs either. All in this category are ILCs though, agreed.

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On article Have your say: Best mid-range ILC of 2017 (75 comments in total)
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ZeBebito: Weird chose of the CL and TL2 considering value for money as a factor of being mid range cameras of the year.

It's not so much the price as the fact it is an APS-C sensor, I think.

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On article Fujifilm X100F Review (838 comments in total)
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Arca45Swiss: Price aside does it beat the Leica Q ?

It simply cannot on many grounds: the Q has got a 28 mm lens, f 1.7, and full-frame sensor. It has a Leica lens and Leica processor/color quality, the Q's AF seems to be faster too. These are two different cameras (the Q is bigger and might be less "portable" than the X100F).
The X100F has got an optical viewfinder, the Q has not.

Link | Posted on Apr 16, 2017 at 02:27 UTC

Just a quick question/comment: I found the use of Liveview to describe the Electronic View-Finder confusing. Why not use Electronic View Finder (or EVF as most do) and keep Liveview for that specific view-mode oe the back-screen (screen at the back of the camera). Technically we both know both are "Liveview" modes but it is just a matter of usage to be codified so that we communicate better.

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HowaboutRAW: Did you download the DNGs and tweak them during extraction?

HowaboutRAW, don't you remember that all RAWs are "tweaked" anyway so that they go from a file of numbers to light and color on a screen? There is not a single RAW that you can see that has not been processed/tweaked one way or another either in camera for you to see the image or save it as a jpg, or on a computer to make it visible.

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Rich Rosen: I know some like the idea of retro...the idea of totally manual settings, of manual focus, of the old solid metal bodies, and of a minimalist user interface. I kind of like some of those ideas myself, but not at the cost of $6500 (US), plus lens, for technology that is not exceptional. Would I like to own a Leica? Sure. But I can also get much of the same feel from an Fuji XPRO 2, at 1/4th the cost, and get a very pleasing photo experience.

Yes but HowaboutRAW some (better) Fuji lenses are also better than some Leica lenses. You seem to forget that Fuji is primarily a lens maker and has always produced good if not excellent lenses. Color rendition of green for the first X series (corrected since) and APS-C sensor vs full-frame are better argument. Having used both Leica Ms and Fuji X Pros I must say I have an excellent (but slightly different) experience with both... and I have access to more quality lenses (number) including zooms with Fuji... (and the price is right too!).

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rallyfan: Is customer service still terrible? Pass.

Great service as far as I am concerned (serviced an M6 and a Q with them).

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PhotoLessonsDubai: Hi, I have the M8 and out of the new M10 features, the 5 frames per sec is not interesting for my photography. Apart from this, is it worth it replacing my M8 with it?

Yes day and night, the current sensor is far ahead of the Kodak sensor on the M8 (and I am not speaking color rendition, size, noise and ISO capacity)...
so my answer is definitely yes, and by far.

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IvanM: A few observations from downloading some of the raws. The lux lens is very sharp in the center wide open but has the usual much softer edges see hotdog stand image.
Dog image on pond: dog is slightly oof and the right hand background does look a bit softer than the left maybe some centering issues but this image could have been sharper imo had a different aperture been used. the summicron lens doesnt really standout ito sharpness judging from these images
some of the obviously wide open evening and night shots don't really look as sharp as I would have expected either...perhaps camera movement or mis focus?
The dynamic range is very impressive and the shadows can really be pushed without any noise at 100iso.
But taking into account that this camera has no anti alias filter-if i'm correct- the quality of the lenses and sensor doesn't jump out at me and shout LEICA! ...rather relieved actually because it shows just how much the other brands have caught up with Leica..

The images are a little contrasty ON MY SCREEN. The only way such comments could be valid was if we were looking at the original (processed) raw image or even better a 20x30" print! Now which lens is not slightly soft in the corners at full aperture? Not to mention you are judging the lens, not the camera while the conversation is on the camera, don't you think?

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njp73: Since I was a boy I wanted to own a Leica M. To me it is iconic, a masterpiece of engineering and most importantly for whatever illogical reason encourages my passion for photography. I take photos because I love photography, I love the process of capturing an image as much as the result, sometimes more. ISO, Aperture and Shutter speed. Focusing and composing the image.

Simply put, cost, specs, IQ comprisions are distractions from what's really important to me as a photographer... enjoyment. Obviously this is not something that can be measured in a review, but I justed wanted to say if this camera or any camera will increase your passion and enjoyment for photography please don't let the technical and fiscal distractions deter you.

1- you already had a Leica (film) and its lenses have been sitting in a bag for years.
2 - you have experienced it and you enjoy the Leica optical view-finder and its range-finder system (totally silent, and never lets you down, only you can [let yourself down])
3 - objective and subjective (color rendition, bokeh) quality of the lenses
4 - using a well-design and engineered tool

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Cornu: It would be sooo irrational to buy one...
I am a very rational man...

It's all a matter of how you choose your reasons. There are some that justify the M10, may not be yours... yet! ;o)

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Howard808: so I understand we all love the "simplicity" in a camera, then how come those Japanese camera makers just can't come out with the right formula for a Leica substitute?! Fuji XT-2 have all the hope for it, but then they put an APS-C .... (sigh)
Sony A7R2 is like driving a ferrari with tesla touch screen center console + 4WD + night vision; so IF I win the lottery tomorrow, guess what I will run out to buy... Leica of course.

The X Pro 2 would be a better comparison than the XT-2.

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AnselmoDM: in the video its compared to an M6 - but where do you put the film in? Has Leica gone APS? Dont they know that ship has sailed?

M10=digital with a full frame sensor=24 mm x 36 mm.
Only the T and X models are APS-C size sensors?
Where was your ship anchored all the years?

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Mr Darma: The samples are ridiculous!! I think I finally may abandon film. Or at least go 50/50...

It's never too late... to see the light! ;O) Unless you process your own film (including color?), and prints and enjoy doing it, which is understandable.

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Daryl Cheshire: why does it say "Made in Germany"?
Shouldn't it say "Hergestellt in Deutschland"?
Is this an English version? Or do they all state "Made in Germany"?
Sorry I Googled the translation if it isn't 100% right.

Yes it says "Made in Germany" as do the Q and the M240... but what if the Canadians built a better Leica?
PS Daryl, how many people in the world read German, how many English? Combine the Uk and Ireland and the US and Canada and Australia and New Zealand... already a market that far exceeds... Germany. ;o)
...that may de why it reads "Made in Germany", not to mention the fact that the "Made in..." label has been adopted in most countries for produces they export.

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Daryl Cheshire: Maybe I missed something but would it make sense to comment on how it takes JPGs?
If you shoot raw, you bypass some of the processing and you do it yourself in post.
I'd like to know how it handles pictures that have been processed by the camera.
If you post process it, wouldn't that showcase your photohop skills rather than how they came out of the camera? I know some of the photos came with a post processing disclaimer.

Buying a serious camera and expecting its firmware to give out a crappy jpg in 2017 is probably looking in the wrong direction. [By the way do you shoot sRGB or RGB? You should ask because that may also effect the jpg image].
I do think that you really test a camera (sensor and lens) from the raw image, not the jpg.

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sbansban: I always thought when showcasing a camera's capabilities it would be useful to take the same sample shot using another camera in the same or different category / class etc. I realize this would involve much extra work, and that the shots won't be the same, but it's worth it to get at least some idea about how much better or different the shot would be if we used another camera and how the cameras stack up relative to one another. I am not talking about the studio comparison tool - some of the sample photos here are really great, but one possible question for me would be - in this case for example - what am I getting for my $6995 that I could not get from several other more popular or common cameras and if the difference (in quality or just simply the difference) would be worth it to me? What if I had a medium format camera? How would the shot come out on an IPhone? A Ricoh GR / Nikon Coolpix A or Fuji X100F/T/S or Sony A6500?

In the case of most camera, once in the hand o a seasoned photographer, the point is whether the image matches your expectations and how the camera is a smooth part of the image-making process... and frankly why compare an M10 with an Iphone, a Nikon A or a Fuji 100, in other words photograph-taking machine that have a smaller sensor. It has been done and we all know the result, it is purely scientific... and experiential, and proved. Just look for such comparisons they have been made, no point wasting more time there. Another factor you would be judging is the quality of the lenses and software. In this respect Leica has been doing quite well too.

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On article Vote now for Best Product of 2015! (130 comments in total)

Why doesn't the Leica Q show up?
In my opinion the best innovation in 2015 in the field.

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On article Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 III Review (865 comments in total)
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ferrarinigel: Can somebody tell me the difference between the ordinary Sony RX-100 mk111 and the Sony DSC-RX100 mk111

??? between an apple and an apple?

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