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These are awesome. Only just in the last week I was wondering: Google Maps has photospheres, how about videospheres? Now we see them here. The quality will come, I'm sure.

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Thanks to other posters, this explains the situation much better.
I prefer Spencer's now.

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Pfaffenbach has the better shot. Much clearer shot of the grinning face. Do we know what cameras/lenses they both used?

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A lot of good choices here. A few I didnt like so much, but some brief narrative always helps an audience to share your enthusiasm for a shot, ie. Where the shot was taken, what the shot is about and what the shot means to you.
I really like the idea of favourite shots. I dont think this should be an annual thing. Thanks

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Congrats on APOD

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8K? I'd be happy if we ever get a good steady amount of 1080i here in Australia. We've only recently embraced 1080i and even then a lot of content is still 576i.

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On photo Mount Adams Washington in the Blossoms blossoms everywhere challenge (1 comment in total)

That's an awesome shot. Beautiful vista.
What are the containers? The forklift looks too small to stack/remove them?

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Gorgeous photos but i dislike the cotton look. This is certainly subjective. I like the last photo #9 as its a nice balance of motion and splash.

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kingslayer: It should be the best Astronomy Photoshoppers of the Year. I'll be interested to see the Raw images.

Even Hubble raw data is boring. Its takes skilled image editors to bring out the nice photos you see. Data is simply enhanced for visual clarity rather than fabricated.

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brycesteiner: Where is the EXIF? I'd like to see some of the details on how long some of these where.

They can describe how the images were taken, but you're unlikely to see any EXIF because the images are usually stacked.

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Studor13: How exactly did #5 qualify as astronomy?


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Very cool. Compressing, slow-motion.. look forward to the unusual.

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On article SmugMug Films: Point, Click, ShootTokyo (35 comments in total)

The video footage was more interesting than the photos.
A good case for video > photo.

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On article Accusations fly over Fukushima photos (88 comments in total)
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Wye Photography: There are so many photographers clamouring for attention and prominance that the pressure to sensationise must be very tempting. In recent years I have noticed that in order to stand out from the (very, very large) crowd photographers have to go further, higher, more extreme and sometimes downright lie in order to capture that elusive beam of the spotlight.

Spot on.
Phototography has become so accessible (which is great) but it means that the real professional work is drowned out by every man and his dog.. and fiancee.
Give everyone a scalpel and they think they are a surgeon.
Fortunately, its just an enjoyable hobby for me.. but I feel sorry for those trying to make a living out of it. Only the next phase of professional ultra-expensive imaging (holography?) will keep the pros one step ahead of the pack.

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These landscape photos are fantastic. No doubt they have been enhanced a bit (eg. lighting, colour intensity, contrast), but so what. Pretty sure we all do that to some degree. I'd be very happy if they were mine. Those photographers deserve their wins.
Congrats to them.

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Wreckless enough to risk his own safety, but to drag his fiancee along...

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Awesome. Very dramatic.

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On article Sony Planar T* FE 50mm F1.4 ZA Sample Gallery (269 comments in total)

I like the cityscape at f/8. Re-sample to 100MP and sharpen slightly for clearer examination of the entire scene like a built-in 3x zoom lens. The best way to enjoy a detailed scene.

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On photo Early breakfast in the More Food challenge (5 comments in total)
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thejohnnerparty: Really like the shot, but I'm curious about settings.

The settings are understandable.
Narrow aperture for enough dof. Not enough lighting, therefore long exposure to maintain base iso.
This is one of the reasons why people remove exif data. If you like the image, the settings/technique dont matter.

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On article Konica Minolta DiMAGE Z10 (2 comments in total)

I thought it was a cool design back in the day. Now it looks like a camera the Jetsons would use.

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