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Ricoh GXR + Yongnuo RF-603 trigger + Yongnuo 560 III flash Ricoh Talk Sep 14, 2013
Ricoh GXR + Yongnuo RF- 603 trigger + Yongnuo 560 III FLASH Ricoh Talk Sep 1, 2013
Ricoh GR vs Sony RX1, very impressed with the jpegs of the GR especially the WB! Ricoh Talk Jul 22, 2013
WONDERFUL NEWS....... Ricoh Talk Jul 8, 2013
GXR Mount A12 (Leica) out of order for a while!? Ricoh Talk Jul 7, 2013
Half Case for Gxr M Mount Ricoh Talk Apr 14, 2013
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35mm or 40mm voigtlander 1.4 nokton for A12 m mount? Ricoh Talk Oct 27, 2012
GXR. M-Mount. The final way with manual lenses? Should I stay or should I go... Ricoh Talk Oct 13, 2012
I´m in love. Nokton 35mm f1.2 Ricoh Talk Oct 10, 2012
GXR still goes on. Photokina news. Ricoh Talk Sep 25, 2012
What will you do when the un-thinkable happens and GXR system goes to book of history Ricoh Talk Sep 5, 2012
Back to basics...I like the 50mm A12 f/2.5 macro Ricoh Talk Sep 3, 2012
Why we must have an A16 150mm Macro lens... Ricoh Talk Aug 21, 2012
Purple tinted GXR display .... anyone else seen this? Ricoh Talk Jun 26, 2012
Soften a leather case for the GXR. Dont do this at home... :-) Ricoh Talk Jun 9, 2012
Playing with PP with GRDlV and GXR with 50mm Ricoh Talk Jun 2, 2012
Where will the GXR go? Ricoh Talk May 29, 2012
"Ground control, we have a lift off..." Ricoh Talk May 28, 2012
Second GXR Body Ricoh Talk May 7, 2012
Jupiter 12 Russian lens in A12 module. Ricoh Talk Mar 25, 2012
Ricoh GXR: new firmware 1.50 Ricoh Talk Mar 16, 2012
Thinking of swapping X100 and/or DSLR for GXR... Ricoh Talk Feb 22, 2012
Ricoh Travel Gear Complete! Ricoh Talk Feb 10, 2012
OK now is the time to choose ONE Ricoh Talk Jan 31, 2012
Any advice on fast 50mm m-mounts on the GXR? Ricoh Talk Jan 20, 2012
Loch Ard Loch Chon - GXR/A12M + Leica WATE Ricoh Talk Dec 22, 2011
Any sign of our M-Modules yet? Ricoh Talk Sep 23, 2011