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photomikeleth: I love magazines, the look, the feel, the smell. Shutterbug all you got were ads with some articles mixed in, not a huge loss!

I enjoy sitting in a coffee shop reading a photo magazine. An electronic version just does not have the feel. Fortunately, there are still printed magazines out there that can fill my need.

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anticipation_of: That's a lot of pixels to squeeze onto a 1/2.3" sensor. Not sure if that's going to work very well.

Yes, I agree with breivogel. More pixels, slower lens and no RAW. My worry would be mushy jpegs. Olympus backed off the MPx. With the TG-5 shooting RAW, having an underwater setting. Relative fast lens starting at 2.0 you can get nice pics with it. The Lumix with a much slower lens, no RAW and too much MPx the IQ will be lower and you pay more for it.

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Another unqualified for the job cop shooting an unarmed civilian for no reason...

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I consider that an insult.

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ybizzle: I have the 7Dii and it has been a reliable workhorse for all my photography needs!

I am a sports shooter, shooting cyclocross races and use the Sony A77ii and A99ii. Both are phenominal and have great AF. I get a high percentage of keepers.

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Michael1000: I think the Neha Spellfish portrait looks the most vintage.

My favourite is the Pleather shot.

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Great landscape shot. The couple is getting lost in the picture and can easily be overlooked. Not a great picture to look at again and again....

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mpb002: Sony will never really be considered a major player. The crown goes to Canon. Lots of lenses, great ergonomics and images. It is very interesting regarding equipment and weight. We all seem to be getting a bit lazy. Ever hear of Ansel Adams? He lugged a big, heavy camera around and the great results that it produced.

I just met a photographer yesterday on a trip to shoot landscaping. He showed me his A7ii. And he told me he just switched from Canon to Sony and never looked back. Sony equipment works better for what he does.

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dr8: scroll thru and wonder if Miksto works for Adobe!

I am sure he is a mole.

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DP should not support illegal activities with coverage to gain peoples attention. So I am not gonna watch that video!

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straylightrun: I dont see anything wrong with this. They did something illegal and were caught. How does being a photographer give you the right to negate the law? Another case of photographers thinking they are special little snowflakes.

Those photographers should be happy. They got exactly what they were asking for! A good booking!

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When you enter a private property you have the right to be treated like a criminal.
The photographer should be happy, he got exactly what he was asking for.

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R Vaquero: A lot of wedding photography has become totally nonsense.

A passionate kiss has to take backstage to a fancy wedding photo these days. The couples are staged. There is no kiss, just some contact. Lame and totally nonsense. Give me some real memorable wedding picture.

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Just outstanding.

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RandyPD: For some reason, the Sony lens seem sharper with the sample image. Drag that magnifier box to the brick wall on the lower right. You can see the borders of the individual bricks clearly on the Sony but blurred on the Sigma. Is it the adapter?

In the lens comparison image, put the F stop to 5.6 and drag the box to the lower left corner. You can see a large difference in the lens performance there. As well on the lower right corner with the bricks and the Product Creation Sign. The Sigma clearly beats the Sony there.

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Fantastic images. Well done.

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Another incompetent manager. I like to see him use a wireless transfer from his camera to his MBP. But that is the reason I use a Windows laptop. It has a SD card reader built in. Things like that happen when you let managers run companies instead of engineers. See HP. Once it was a company run by engineers and successful. After managers took over it was pretty much over.

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I think they should, man up, recall it and fix the hardware. Don't try to do in software what you need to do in hardware! Google can pay less or pay a lot more later. Sounds like another D600 or Note 7 disaster waiting to happen.

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King of Song: This is a very frustrating camera release. On paper it's the best camera in the world, by far. On paper totally destroys the new Canon 5D IV.

The big problem no lenses. The new and great Sony G Master lenses are only in E mount. The new and phenomenal Zeiss Batis is only in E mount. Sigma Art, only Nikon and Canon. What's left old Minolta lenses, and not much else. Oh maybe just the Zeiss 135 1.8 but that's not enough to buy this body.

Why can't Sony do something about this?

There are many outstanding lenses available. The Zeiss 2.8 16-35ii, 2.8 24-70ii, 1.8 138, 1.4 85, the Sony 2.8 70-200G2, 70-400G2, Tamron 90mm macro, covers the basics.

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