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qwertyasdf: This might be the first and last time that I say this to a M43 lens:

It's priced reasonably.
Given it's longer range than 70-200 FF lens, it is way way more versatile, and I have confidence in the IQ of a Oly HG lens. Oh....also, the 0.21x magnification, taking into account of the crop factor of M43 sensor, is class-leading.


Calculate the size of the entrance pupil in a FF f/2.8 300mm lens vs the size of the entrance pupil in a mFT f/2.8 150mm lens. Then calculate the size of the entrance pupil in a FF f/5.6 300mm lens.

Once you do that, you will understand why the mFT f/2.8 lens is equivalent to the FF f/5.6 lens for DOF and total light gathering.

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forpetessake: It looks like Fuji is betting on lenses rather than bodies. Their lens offering looks great, their bodies suck. The enthusiasts put lenses ahead of the bodies, the general public does the opposite. I wonder if Fuji will be able to make enough money of the tiny enthusiast niche.

I have an X100 and an X-E2. They do not suck.

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Villamarcel: I really apprecaite the constitency of Pentax with this model.
It reminds me a german company named LEICA even if the products and the market strategy is not the same. I have the impression that they take care of their customers.

Do US retailers pay lower wholesale prices for Pentax cameras and lenses? I don't know, but I doubt it.

The new retail prices are artificial. B&H could sell Pentax stuff at much lower prices and still make a profit. Huge market. Efficient operation.

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asdfsky: To all who are screaming about Auto ISO, I thought that the photographer is always smarter than the camera, I was shock to know there are so many people who let the camera decided what ISO to choose for you. Come one, go and buy the camera, don't be a paper shooter.

BTW, I did buy the X100 and I love it. The best camera I bought so far in term of innovation, fun to use, and the quality of the photos. I also have 5D MKII and 1D MK IV for my Pro use.

Auto ISO works well on the X100. The photographer should be paying attention to aperture and shutter speed, which are the "real" photographic parameters.

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