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Richard Schumer: Damn! I coulda/shoulda bought one of these when it was a $10 option on an Exa body for $99.00 from Willoughby's in NYC via their ad in Popular Photography in 1956. Too bad I bought a Hexacon (Contax D) with the 58mm Biotar instead. Nobody is kick-resurrecting Biotars, which were mediocre, but much better than the Primoplan of the time.

This is a scam/fad which will fade once millenials' kids learn to see on good 4k or better displays. Even the "glow" and "unique bokeh" of these obsolete optics will look dated to them.

Or maybe the look this lens or the original lens is exactly what is desired. Stiff price for manual focus though.

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kryten61: Hey didn't Pentax release a 645D about 2 years ago?
How many lenses have they gotten to market since its release?
Maybe they should make this a priority?
Also What advantage does a Mirrorless system really have when it still has the retrofocal elements that allow a mirror to be there, But they just leave the mirror out? Surely the MAJOR reason for a Smaller mirrorles camera system is that its smaller? I like Pentax, but really? an adaptor would have been a more elegant solution to backward compatibility? No?

True, they should get some 645d lenses out, but as far as retrofocus elements go, I would think they can build the lenses where the rear element goes deeper into the body allowing them to not have the retrofocus design.

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