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WoodWorks: It appears that the panoramic Boundary Warp feature is also not available in the standalone LR 6.4 version, only with CC. At least it doesn't show up for me. Can anyone else confirm? I see no mention of this omission here or anywhere on Adobe support forum.

Didn't Adobe state at some point that with CC you get feature additions as and when they are made but with standalone you don't get them ? I always thought they intended to migrate all users possible to CC while not (yet) explicitly killing the standalone product and these more frequent feature additions yet another tool to make the CC product more attractive. For me, if and when they kill off the standalone I may find another product.

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WoodWorks: It appears that the panoramic Boundary Warp feature is also not available in the standalone LR 6.4 version, only with CC. At least it doesn't show up for me. Can anyone else confirm? I see no mention of this omission here or anywhere on Adobe support forum.

Mr. Butler, that's ludicrous.

However, assuming someone "who's worked in senior tech roles" has lost their mind they may file a form 8-K with the SEC every time they add new features between whole dot releases. Problem solved.

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dwl017: I played with the Sony RX 100 m4 today in my local store and the camera felt very cheap in the hands to me. I do own the original RX100 and see no reason to upgrade at all. Im also still using my Oly ZX1 and Sammy EX2F. By the way my EX2F is built like a army tank :-)

I don't own it or any version of the rx100 but I played around the the mkiv version in a store and it is a solidly built little camera. I think a lot of camera comments on this site are absolutely bonkers.

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Al Valentino: Joe's Pizza, the best slice in NYC. Always went out of my way to stop buy and eat, standing up, packed together. All part of the experience. Then the rents skyrocketed and, well you know...

"Well you know..." might read like you can't get the same exact pizza anymore. They have another location close by. And since closing that location they opened a second location up on 14th as well.

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Spunky8: This is not at all surprising. I'm surprised that Calumet lasted so long.

In Los Angeles, the Calumet store was virtually empty every time I went in; the sales staff had a superior attitude.

There was nothing inviting about the place.

I say: Good riddance.

Agree. Same experience in NYC and bewilderment that they could stay in business.

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MrTaikitso: Reading the comments below this outstanding piece of cinematography provides further evidence of how somehow, DPreview's 'readership' has altered from calm intelligent professionals and prosumers to imaginationless unintelligent types who are either too young or otherwise inappropriate for a forum like this.

To call the slow motion 'boring' when in fact it superbly conveys the resolution as well as providing the viewer more time to take in what is going on. No doubt, unboring would be human carnage and exploding cars. For that, suggest you try another site or DPreview needs to up it's game when deciding who should be able to signup and comment. Now I know why membership only clubs exists, to maintain a level of decorum.

Amazing film and a great showcase for what the sort of quality we'll be watching at home by the holidays 2015.

I only made it 44 seconds in. I found it quite boring. Sorry if I don't meet your expectations you pompous a$$. When technology is used as an end in itself, which is what it is here -- for me -- I quickly grow bored. Interesting, that you think this is somehow different in kind from blowing things up because I put them in the same category of boring.

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Arn: I wonder if they will give Lightroom 5 the "Camera Shake Reduction" feature to remove camera shake motion blur, or they will keep it restricted to only Photoshop CC, to rip photographers off? This, if ANY feature is relevant for photographers and would be appropriate for Lightroom.

I think they said not for LR5.

So just try to hold the camera steady or up the shutter speed.

I'm not feeling much love for Adobe around here. Where's the love ?

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For my own interest I took a brief googly into the "you sat on your ass" defense -- aka laches defense -- in the Copyright infringement context. Keep in mind Copyright infringement has a statute of limitations.

What I find is, we don't need no stinkin' Laches when there's a statute of limitations.

At least in some Circuits.

The Circuits split on whether they allow it as a defense to infringement. Some don't (4th Circuit) . Some do (9th Circuit).

This photographer sued in the 6th and the 6th appears to split the baby, they will in (very) rare cases allow the defense but only so far as to preclude an injunction, you still can get money damages.

This guys bigger problem is apparently not registering before infringement occurred.

Also, this isn't exactly new news : http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/post/50890656

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tkpenalty: Its good adobe dropped the prices for this; its nothing more than ACR repackaged...

My vote so far for most bizarre comment but it's still very early. I almost gave it to the doesn't work with LR3 files but I figured that's just reading comprehension.

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"copyright laws are so 20 century haha"

Why don't you use that line at your deposition. Ha ha.

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