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On article Nikon video hints at long-desired 'digital FM' (551 comments in total)
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Easycass: To comment... I always shake my head and smile when I read the negative comments thrown about on DPreview.

When I studied photography, all those photographers around me were such enthusiastic and positive people, eager to embrace all that was thrown our way. Even for me, I thought I would never give up film, but soon came to appreciate the benefits of digital.

While this camera, what ever form it comes in, will not suit every photographer, I am sure there will be some, perhaps, yes, the older types, but also perhaps some enlightened younger generation, who would at least welcome the chance to hold something that had the technology of a D4, but the photographic handling of an F4; a photographic hybrid.

I think if such a creature was made, there would be many who would feel again the real 'love' of having something that melted into ones hand, looked purposeful, was able to record excellent imge quality, and became, as we used to believe we had, something we could never be without...

I just talked to Nikon Canada last week and told them they should do a survey on how many Nikon users use video with their dslr. I would think maybe 5%. I said that Nikon should produce a camera that had NO video as there are many photographers are just that photographers not videographers. Canon seems to have done a good job with the video dslr, so let them have it. A new dslr no video, 14 mg, high iso very clean, good dynamic range 8fps, crop mode,full frame, 1.5 crop dual sd cards 100% view finder, AF ON button, illuminated dials, pop up flash. For 3K I would buy one to replace my trusty D700, the last of the dslr None video camera.

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walkelr: Why not complain about catering or the prices of the venue? Does it really cost $1500 to feed 100 people? Should I get charged $2000 to get married in a room that would be empty otherwise? Dj's charge hundreds of bucks to play a pre-made list of mp3's. You have to pay to play!! If you don't like it, head on down to the justice of the peace and get married!

If you look at Bride's or Wedding Magazines, you will notice that when they talk about photography (in editorials, in features, etc) the writers stress that photography is the one area where you can crunch your costs. I've never figured out why. Brides are reading these magazines and believing that good photography (which is really one of the only things you 'keep' after a wedding) is negotiable, and therefore, valueless.

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