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    Good score! The prices on used bodies alone are crazy cheap too! :-)
  • Replied in EP3
    The other new toy arrived today; a gift from a good friend :-)
  • Replied in First try
    Well I had my first play with the camera today. The super control panel certainly made things easier. It takes a bit of getting used to a optical viewfinder. I'm used to seeing shutter speeds etc ...
  • Replied in E-PL1
    I work as a freelance photojournalist and writer and the Nikon V1's with the 10mm, 18.5mm and 30-110 has made my D300 redundant (just sold it) and paid the bills for the last 2-years. And; I've ...
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    Firmware updated! :-) Seemed a bit tricky; but was really simple in the end!
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    No worries; I'm still happy!  :-)
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    Well the camera turned up today; you'd think it was brand new! Super value at US$229 including postage! And only took 6-days from purchase from Japan to Delivery here in New Zealand.... The lens ...
  • Replied in E-PL1
    Thank you everyone; i really appreciate the help! I've also just had a friend txt me to tell me he's giving me his new E-P3! He won it I think; and has never used it! Very generous! :-)
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    Last question..... promise! ;-) What is a good flash to use on the E-PL1 and other M43 cameras? I always use small flashes (the SB N7 which has a GN of 18/59 (m/ft, ISO 100) on the V1), this is ...
  • Replied in E-PL1
    Wow! Thanks everybody! I was just looking at mint E-PL 1 bodies, they are so cheap! I've got to admit; I have a perverse love for using "outdated" cameras that other photographers tend to look down ...
  • Replied in E-PL1
    Thank you :-)
  • Created discussion thread E-PL1
    Well; I've finally dived into the m43 pool. I've been shooting the Nikon V1's for magazine and gallery work, but wanted a camera to shoot 1:1 and 16:9 format. So had a splurge and bought a mint ...
  • Saying that there is nothing after the J5 could be true; the DL's may take up that niche. Did he say there was nothing after the V3 though? I reckon there is still a market for that
  • Created discussion thread DL's 1:1 and 16:9 aspect ratios
    Finally! a Nikon with 1:1 and 16:9 aspect ratios according to the Nikon site! Yes!!!! The 24-85 for me. I know you can crop in post process; but I for accuracy like to frame in the aspects when ...
  • It's not as simple as that. I love the 35mm focal length; but stepping closer with a 28mm etc doesn't give you the same picture because the background is a lot wider too.... So you end up with a ...
  • Replied in ratios
    I'd love the option to shoot 1:1 or 16:9 with the V's with the ratio showing in the viewfinder. Surely it would be simple enough to do? Practically every other mirrorless camera has the option. Sti ...
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