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Camera aside. I really enjoyed the fantastic sample gallery @ Dan Bracaglia. Stunning photos Sir!

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This is a good thing. I can literally look the other way! :)

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I've been using a very similar wrist strap for about 5 years now. £1.99 and Free postage. The leather is nice and soft. Many sellers have them on ebay, for example:


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On article Art Wolfe: Swimming with the Humpbacks, Tonga, 2013 (78 comments in total)
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lemonadedrinker: What is all the nonsense with the name across the image? Who cares who took them; they're beautiful pictures ruined with the distraction of the name thing at the bottom-saying to all of us Look at me,I'm as important as the whale.
Eugene Smith never put his name on a picture. Nor did Edward Steichen. Nor any other genius of the arcane art of photography.

If you look closely at the first photo, the whale is looking straight at the watermark. Art Wolfe holds a selfie stick with his name in front of the camera, therefore mesmerising and informing every living thing of his importance. True story. ;-)

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James C. Murray: Good photos but some prop blur would lend some idea of motion to the Herc and the smaller prop aircraft.

Just when you think it is safe to read, thinking there could not possibly be any reason for a negative/stupid comment......

Silly photographer! Even though flying themselve's, they should have put an ND filter on for blurring the props. Instead we see airplanes that clearly aren't in motion, but yet managing to achieve flight. Quite an extraordinary feat! ;)

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On article Behind the Shot: Dali's Dream (103 comments in total)

Thanks for sharing this technique. It is a fantastic shot and a great title. If Dali were alive, I'm sure he would want to buy a print.

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On article Enthusiast compact camera roundup (185 comments in total)

This is for compact cameras? I have the Fuji X100s and it slips right into my....... camera bag, because it is not a compact camera! It's a bloody good camera, but calling it compact is like calling a toilet roll a tampon.

I hope it is not just me. Maybe, you're all now used to hipster jeans that hang below your ass and pockets big enough for a keg of beer?

So, back to COMPACT cameras. Ricoh GR, Nikon Coolpix A, Sony RX, Canon G7... and Sigma DPM/Q (Although slightly bigger and less user friendly). Bigger sensors that fit in 'normal pockets'.

I think your top 4 cameras are 'Enthusiast small camera bag cameras' and marketed like that, all a good choice.

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Prairie Pal: yawn

@ Prairie Pal. I just looked at your gallery. The shots you have of dust on your sensor are sensational. I can see why you find Benjamin Von Wong's photos so boring.

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On article Leica announces X Vario zoom compact with APS-C sensor (757 comments in total)

Wow! This release sounds as popular as another brand, albeit a software one. Maybe it should be called the Leica CC. :)

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If you add a 6th option. 'I would rather pay a one off fee to own the software I pay for' I would tick that.

Another thing. If Adobe really want to charge people for new features, why not add the option to allow us to pay for future ACR updates? I'm perfectly happy with everything in Photoshop CS6, so for me ACR is the only thing I would want to pay for. I don't want or need any anti blur features, or radial filters. I would rather know whatever camera I own in the future is supported.

The stupid thing is that for the price of Adobe Photoshop CC for 1 year I could actually buy an F1.4 lens, which would negate the need for the radial blur features anyway.

I could go on, but for me PS CS6 is all anyone really needs. Maybe a developer will bring out a plugin which works like ACR and therefore CS6 becomes the final version of Photoshop for everyone.

I really hope you listen to your users and change your mind on this.

This is another customer who will be opting out.

'Sad Face'

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Sorry, I think you got the title wrong. Was it meant to be:

PDN publishes 2013 list of 30 emerging photographers not to watch?

I agree with Clint with 500px & everyone else really. For me Ming Thein was a huge inspiration in 2012, and I Imagine will be for 2013 too. I don't have 29 other names, but do follow quite a few other photographers, some of which post here regularly.

p.s. Wow, I just made my first negative post on the comments section. I'm one of those now.....No!...Sorry, it won't happen again! :/

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On article Mobile-friendly forums launched (102 comments in total)

Thanks DPR Team!

The forum looks great on my Asus Transformer. Really easy to use and navigate.

Much appreciated.

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On photo Penticton Pier in the Out Of The Darkness challenge (2 comments in total)

Hi Steve. Thanks for your comment. It was taken in Canada. Nearly 2 Years ago now. A friend of mine lives there, so I had the opportunity for a nice summer road trip. Maybe it's time for another visit. :)

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