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  • Thank you. I will give it a try!
  • I disabled the app. Never used any of its features, except occasionally twisting the phone to use the flashlight . There has been no negative affect that I can see. The flashlight still works so ...
  • Thanks wklee. I tried all the suggestions and nothing seems to change. Sometimes the phone is sitting right next to me and doesn't right or leave the caller in the call history. The only way I ...
  • Moto G 4.  Android 7.  Moto App version: 5.3.01
  • Created discussion thread Moto: Phone sometimes doesn't ring
    My Motorola phone has an app called Moto. It can't be uninstalled. I have all the Actions features disabled however, my phone doesn't ring if it's in my purse or pocket. As a results, I miss phone ...
  • Replied in Pixel Poetry
    It looks perfect. I was asking if the fender was cloned away. You did a perfect job of removing it from the scene.
  • How'd you remove the lower right fender; with the clone tool?
  • cerj, very different and very nice. Thank you, too, for your time and effort. I'm assuming everyone used the selection tool to select the car.
  • Thanks for the edits splashy, Patsy, JDSledge and GlobalTvlr. Regarding the newest ones, Pixel Poetry, I like the way you cloned away the fender in the foreground. Ray, the black and white ...
  • They are both terrific! Thank you. My grandson likes them both. Thanks, also for the tip.
  • Created discussion thread Need help with background
    Can anyone blur and/or darken the background of this photo, please?! My grandson asked that I do so but, believe me, I tried and it turned out awful no matter what tool I used. I have no ...
  • Replied in My pc is stuck
    Yes, a few days before it said their was an update. Nothing happened. I didn't reschedule it. I think Windows was just taking it's time but, as others said, I've never seen a screen like that was ...
  • Replied in My pc is stuck
    Now you tell me. ;-)
  • Replied in My pc is stuck
    No, not at all. The only thing I could do was open the Windows icon but you couldn't scroll in any direction. Shut down the computer (a couple of times) by holding down the power button.
  • Replied in "Fixed"
    After about two hours of a hung pc, it worked itself out. I have no idea how, but glad it's working again.
  • Created discussion thread My pc is stuck
    Can't get rid of this screen even if I shut off the computer and restart,  or try to use the task manager. I can't use my computer! Any suggestions for a fix?Thank you!
  • Replied in Americans
    With no apologies!
  • Replied in Tablet mode
    I just found this video . I don't have her computer now so can't check if she inadvertently switched it to tablet mode but will ask.
  • Created discussion thread W10 - No desktop view
    I helped a friend today learn aspects of her laptop (she's not very tech savvy). One of the things, to my surprise, is that she has no desktop view. All you can see is a page with tiles. When you ...
  • Beautiful images from a great little camera. I still have my SD700IS but generally use my S100. For my needs, both cameras meet or exceed my expectations!
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