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  • Thank you. Do you somehow check around the web for a similar image you might use? I use an occasional image for a professional organization.
  • Anybody?
  • Replied in Apple watch
    The percentage is most likely representative of the organization. Whatever it is, there would be a significant percentage who could not use the phone because they don't use iPhones. That's really ...
  • Created discussion thread Apple watch
    I do some freelance work for an organization and learned they want to give an Apple Watch as a prize. I know little about Apple products but I did a search and read that Apple Watches do not work ...
  • Created discussion thread Anyone use Pixabay, Pexels?
    Does anyone use the free stock photo sites, Pixabay or Pexels ? You can use photos without asking permission or giving credit to the photographer, even if used commercially. What's the catch, if any?
  • I have no idea except to say that Canon calls it a low level format, not a full format. I assume that we cannot assume they are the same.
  • Of course, I do. I have several. I was just asking opinions about if it was time to retire one that has been used a lot during seven years.
  • I have a 16 GB card. Half full, it takes about 10-12 seconds as opposed to less than 5 seconds for a standard format.
  • Following this conversation reminds me of a saying I read years ago when I was a teen and never forgot it. I think it is true: "There is no progress without change, but change is not necessarily ...
  • I have a couple of cards but because I have two different brand cameras, I don't switch cards between them. According to Canon, "Do low-level formatting if the card's recording or reading speed ...
  • I'm retired too. Because of mobility problems, I don't take many photos like I used :-( to so this would work for me.
  • A low-level format is to address these problems such as slowing down. The low-level format option, as far as I know, is only found on Canon camera, at least the many I've owned through the years. I ...
  • Helpful information. Because I find that, in general, some things aren't made the way they used to be. For example: appliances, my 10 month old laptop (signs keyboard is going). Don't know about SD ...
  • Replied in Never.
    Thanks for your insights, Guy. In my experience, I've come to realize many things are not made the way the used to be. Sometimes I wonder if a new SD card would be any more reliable than my old one. ...
  • Created discussion thread How often do you replace your SD cards?
    I've used one of my Canon cameras for years because of it's small size, portability, decent image quality and features including zoom. I've used the same SD card in it for the past seven years. I ...
  • Unless I've missed something, we're talking about sometimes cryptic changes to fairly basic, routine stuff. So don't blame it on yourself, Olga! Thank goodness for alternatives like Open and Libre ...
  • I love this idea too, Sabrina! Another great suggestion.
  • I like this idea a lot. I can create text as a transparent gif or png, then "distort" or "scale it." I guess I think kerning is so important to using text that I never imagined Adobe would leave it ...
  • Created question thread Kerning text is PSE2018
    Is it possible to kern type in Photoshop Elements 2018? I can't locate a kerning setting and can't find anything in the help files. If not, is there a work-around? Thank you.
  • To some extent, in the context of this discussion, I agree with you. This goes for any program. For example, I've "downgraded" from Photoshop CS to PS Elements and for some parts there is quite a ...
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