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  • Beautiful images from a great little camera. I still have my SD700IS but generally use my S100. For my needs, both cameras meet or exceed my expectations!
  • Thanks for this. I won't be able to try this until next week but a quick look shows that the Export menu is dimmed (not active). I have Photoshop Elements 2018 so it may be different than it's big ...
  • A few more details. I will be creating an ebook for a friend. Her booklet is only about 8 pages long; just a few words on each page, and a few graphics (children poem). I believe this is the only ...
  • Thank you. I had already visited that site (and others) before I posted my question here. I was looking for recommendations from others who used such software.
  • Thank you. Looks interesting.
  • Thank you. I will look for something similar for a PC, however I do have access to a Mac.
  • I made ebooks years ago but used a very simple process: create in Word then export as a pdf. I was, however, unable to add a cover image. Can anyone recommend easy-to-use software that lets you ...
  • Replied in Max post limit
    I think one of the most troubling things is that, when appropriate, people don't change the topic in a reply so one knows the content of a reply. For example, the original poster may start a thread ...
  • The laptop is at least five years old. Right now, the charge holds about 20 minutes. So the laptop will get ruined if we don't replace the battery?
  • Thanks everyone; disappointed because I obviously misunderstood. We've had several unexpected household repairs recently, some major costs. So, for now, my daughter is just going to use it plugged ...
  • Created discussion thread Mac Book Air battery discount
    I understood, perhaps erroneously, that you could get a discount of Mac Book air batteries until the end of the year. But I called today and was told it's only for iPhones. Can someone please ...
  • Replied in Max post limit
    I support the limit! I participate in another forum where some threads are years old, with thousands of posts. No one can reasonably get through all of them, and it's difficult to follow and even ...
  • They'll rarely admit they're spying; sharing information without our knowledge and consent. It's particularly troubling that apps are aimed at children!! I hope something can be done about it.
  • Thanks for the info. I use two factor authentication. Get a code sent to my phone. Why do I still need a security key?
  • Created question thread What's Google Advanced Protection?
    Is it something most of us need? It requires the following: 2 Security Keys: 1 wireless key (main) & 1 USB key (backup). Does the average computer user need this or is an overkill for most of us? ...
  • Google Exposed User Data, Feared Repercussions of Disclosing to Public Google opted not to disclose to users its discovery of a bug that gave outside developers access to private data.
  • Created discussion thread Tech giants delusional
    Former Google boss launches scathing Silicon Valley attack urging tech giants to end the delusion that it's making the world a better place. (1) Jessica Powell said she had become tired of defending ...
  • Thanks so much for the suggestions. However, they ended up getting a HP Office Jet 200, which weighs only 4.85 pounds - with battery. What they needed was something portable, not lightweight as ...
  • They ended up buying the HP OfficeJet 200. One of the things I like about it is that it takes standard size ink cartridges. Thanks again everyone for your input!
  • Thanks for the suggestions! The association already has two monochrome laser printers, plus a regular printer or two. I'm sending them info about the HP (5.13 lbs) and Ecotank (very interesting ...
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