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arhmatic: The White House official photographer should seriously consider this purchase.

Open contest - what should the engraved image be?

Get a life. Boring

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tinternaut: Cameras are producing better and better JPEGs. Even those manufacturers who've had a bad reputation, in this area, have significantly raised their game (Panasonic and Sony spring to mind), while the standard work-horses from CaNikon have always produced JPEGs good enough for publishing. Besides, the focus here is journalism, not art.

Try quattro in difference to previous models it does very decent JPGs.

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koolbreez: You are all missing the reason for this, to speed up submissions. In this very competitive field speed of submission is extremely critical, and the time it takes to process RAW files greatly hinders submission time. Plenty of cameras now offer the ability to send pictures directly from camera via wifi, and do minor post processing of the JGP, but they do not offer the ability to in-camera post process RAW files. Reuters is just trying to get it across to their extensive list of freelancers that anything to speed up the submission process must be incorporated into their workflow. As most freelancers are under the impression that RAW files are best, they have to be forcefully trained to break that frame of thought, when "best" is not a priority in breaking news photography. JGPs meet the OOC quality requirements just fine, and the difference of minutes, and seconds, in submission speed can make the difference between a sale, or no sale, and that is what it is all about.

Sigmas quattro series allows editing raw files in camera. Just saying :-)

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Nukunukoo: Go ahead, laugh. In two years, all of the owners of this camera will gloat over us all!

Both of them.


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Earthlight: Dear Dpreview, I hope you can do a comparison between Gimp, Serif PhotoPlus, ACDsee Pro, PaintShop Pro X6 and Photoline.

Some criteria for evaluation:

- colour management
- layers and masks
- 16-bit editing
- available as a true 64-bit version?


add Krita and Cinepaint

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sigma dp2m

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I am saving for one. I have dp1 but dp2m just perfect for me. It might sound crazy but in my opinion grain on foveon looks more film like and less bothersome. At least that camera forced me to think before click. I guess some people like to run marathon and i enjoy making photos with foveon.

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