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I'm probably a better photographer than a videographer, but I've been looking to experiment the video/filming side for a while. (hobby only) Having looked at the footage, I feel it's good, and I agree that it markets apple more than Matteo, but such is life. Ever since I changed ship to Android, (I just cannot stand ios - not for me) I've been looking for an android alternative to experiment with, before jumping into a bmpcc...
The link below shows what the LG V30 is capable of, and to me looks more impressive than the IP8+

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Beautiful pictures - hats off to the photographers, Rishi & Samuel, well done. Now I'm left baffled, as I was saving up for the x100f... and I love the iq from my 1st gen xtrans on the xe-1... might just try the 23mm first then decide.

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Oh Man... if these are the pics this camera produces... best stick with and deal with the M1. I always try to have a neutral view, but these samples might need to be reconsidered - I've seen better pictures come from this camera. And even better ones from the older M1.

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loewena: 35 mm portraits are fine if you like bulby noses and small ears

I think the lens is wonderful, from the pics above. The article is a great read. Well done Rishi!
The first 2 pics seem to make me want to buy the lens (affordability is another issue) - but the great part is this... the pictures taken with the 5D (MK1 / Classic) seem to do the lens more justice than all the others - maybe I'm biased (love those 5DMK1 colours), but the images look so much better than the others..

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Failing to see canon's colour signature in these pics. Yes I know it can be done in post but... Unless the monitor at my work is going funny... I cannot see canon colours here

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webrunner5: Hmm, looks pretty impressive.

Raist3d I don't disagree with you - but for the price of the Eos M, and knowing the IQ, you're saving around £400.
We all stick to what we prefer, and that's personal preference. I've learnt after spending large amounts on bodies that money beter be spent on glass, so i teach myself to compromise and let the additional £400 go on glass. At the end the only thing that's premium to me is the quality of image produced.
But to each their own. (don't mean to argue, just stating an opinion)

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webrunner5: Hmm, looks pretty impressive.

Yes it is impressive, but I cannot get over the price of these new MFT cameras. £819 body only.
Canon Eos M - £399 (with 18-55) and selling the 18-55 fetches around £140 ish - get a EFM to EF/s adapter for £85 and get a 50mm 1.8 prime (£64 ish at MPB) and you get a great kit.
I fail to see why the recent MFT cameras are so expensive.

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