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Man, all these comments and not a single one lauding it for the "mere" 12MP sensor. Has the MP war ended (replaced by the Zoom wars, maybe? Or is there a newer war of which I am not aware now?)

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On article Panasonic makes DMC-TS20 semi-rugged compact camera (14 comments in total)

Shouldn't every camera be dust-proof, whether or not it's of the "rugged waterproof" variety?

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It looks nice, anyway...

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It's about time with the wi-fi and email capabilities. Any company wanting to extend the life of the P&S market would do well to include this functionality in future cams.

I use my phone cam often precisely to be able to quickly share pics with friends and family, but I hold no illusion that it's got great, or even good, image quality (passable is a good way to describe it in the best of situations).

Most times, I have my Panasonic ZS-6 with me at the same time, and i'm often even taking the same picture twice, once for the "real thing" and once to upload to FB or send to a family member.

If I could do the same with my Panny I'd never use the phone cam...

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CanonPhotog: Hasn't Kodak gone out of the digital camera business yet? Good grief. Their cameras are cheaply made/built, the image quality is only so-so, and there's never been a single stand-out camera in any of Kodak's never ending line of "disposable" digicams year after year. You know what I would actually love to see from Kodak? An old style Kodak camera but digital based of course, like these:

Build some digital P&S cameras that look like these and I'll be the first to buy one just for the retro look. Otherwise, meh.


I don't know, my 4MP DX6440 from 20003 is pretty darn near a classic. It was very well-regarded at the time and took beautiful pictures. Granted, it was slow as molasses at times and big as a brick, but it served me well for a number of years...

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Why does this thing remind me of a Pontiac Aztek?

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