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"Another small change worth mentioning is the camera's ability to use the Auto ISO feature while in manual exposure mode. This allows you to choose a shutter speed and an aperture setting and let the camera decide on the necessary ISO. And, because the D4s has an Exposure Comp button as well as two control dials, you can apply exposure compensation so that you get your chosen image brightness, when working this way."

Is this a change? That wasn't possible on D4? It certainly works that way on Df...

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T3: I'm an Android user, but I'm looking forward to getting an iPhone as soon as Apple comes out with a LARGER iPhone screen. I just like the overall Apple user experience. (I moved from Windows to an iMac just over a year ago, and have loved the move.) I like the move away from skeuomorphic design in iOS 7. Now they just need to bring out a larger iPhone and I'll gladly switch over.

Not sure about that Mac Pro though. I quite liked the previous Mac Pro industrial design. Seemed more functional.

I certainly hope they will NOT bring the larger screen. I really do not understand the need for it - HTC One is brilliant phone, but waaaaay to large imho. Almost as big as iPad mini!

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am i only one to see, that the images viewed in the new forum are not looking that good ( sharp ) as before? try to compare an image from any thread to the same image opened directly in the gallery and you'll see what i am talking about...

since this is a photo forum - it is a huge minus imho :-((

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aja2: One more thing... anyway to disable the 'post preview'? So annoying...

it is annoying on the ipad...:-(

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obaliy: hmmm.. as a regular reader of dpreview and many other photographic publications as well as an experienced amateur (="lover") in photographic themes i am a little bit astonished: i don`t see one picture, which necessarily had to be taken with such an expensive gear set..the only real advantages seem to be - the better control of the depth of field compared to aps-c (or minor) sized sensors - and eventually the size of the camera... but especially the low light pics can be done as will with my smallish Pen mini;-) - se is also much faster and more responsive than the overpriced, fat M 9 with it`s sluggish display and electronics....

ps. (i have some classical Leica M 6 and some very fast lenses..)..

never liked samples on any camera on dpreview...they show exactly nothing

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