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hfgerena: PSD's or TIFF's between CC and CS6.

I'm pretty sure that the new features from CC will not open in CS6, but my question is if an image heavily processed in CC it will open at all in CS6.

If you created a smart filter in CC with, for example, a Liquify Filter, you will not be able to open that PDS in CS6 since that feature is not supported. (smart filters with Liquify).
That is 1 specific case. I am not sure if PS will open any files saved in a later version. Though it will likely open a TIFF that has had its layers collapsed (so no editing information retained).

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On article Photoshop CC: Adobe responds to reaction (1842 comments in total)
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JohnBGood: As long as they keep Lightroom OUT of the Cloud I'll be upgrading, though I will NO LONGER transform my RAW files into DNG.
More so, as a CreativeSuite user, I will NOT subscribe to the cloud, because we are not in the habit of upgrading to every new version (we were upgrading every other one or so) the increased cost is unacceptable in our current business plan. Time to return to QuarkXPress I guess.
And if Lightroom becomes subscription only then I'll switch to DxO

Goodbye Adobe

Absolutely. LightRoom shines in Raw file editing. On Import just add the Raw files to your calatog. LR wil lnever touch your original RAW file. It creates a sidecar files containing your edit insstructions.

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DotCom Editor: This is horrendous reporting. Not a single tough question. No meaty follow-up questions. Nothing pithy.

-- How many users does Adobe expect to lose as a result of this strategy? How was that figured in?
-- What about longtime loyal users who can't afford this scheme?
-- What is Corel's reaction? Does it plan to step up marketing Paintshop Pro? What about other competitors with photo-editing programs?
-- Has anyone chased down former Adobe executives for their opinions?
-- What about the Wall Street analysts who follow Adobe?
-- What about Edelman, Adobe's PR agency? How are they handling the backlash?
-- And many more...

I've been doing technology journalism for decades and knew the founders of Adobe -- Chuck Geschke and John Warnock very well, writing numerous stories about them over the years. Who's chasing them down for their reaction to their company's arrogant, money-grubbing scheme?

This is very big news, people are outraged, and no one is chasing the REAL story.

Check out the answer to "What happens to Photoshop CC and my files if I cancel my subscription?" He says "we do not delete any files...."
Who cares if you delete the files! They are useless without the software to open them! pay Adobe or render all your past work useless.
The interview was nothing but a free forum for Adobe.

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On article Photoshop CC: Adobe responds to reaction (1842 comments in total)
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KrisAK: Adobe stopped optimizing their software for desktops some time ago. Think LR 4 sluggishness, and, if you're doing video, Premiere's increasing reliance on massive doses of memory, GHz, and GPUs.

Can you imagine how badly their software will perform locally (i.e. when you're not online) once they give themselves and their coders the luxury of offloading complex processing to their...or Amazon's...servers?

None of the cloud applications run on the 'Cloud'. The software is downloaded and runs entirely on your PC. The Cloud is only used to optionally store and share files.
Still you are required to pay Adobe every month for as long as you need to open or view any Adobe file.

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JL Whaley: Dumb, dumb, dumb,dumb. Are all companies now hiring MBAs with a concentration in "How to Lose Customers and Kill Companies?" I seem to be having more and more experiences with companies that I use and depend on that are like this Adobe mess. My MANY hundreds of dollars invested in Adobe software now seem wasted, or at least will be in time as my CS6 and LR4 become non-functional.

My investment in Adobe stock has paid off. I sold it today before the #### hits the fan and the investment world loses faith in the company as most of its customers have after hearing and digesting today's news. Once good companies fail because they start to think that only they know what is best for their customers, when all they have to do to succeed is LISTEN to their customers.

This is a sad day in my photographic life. Adobe - you've let me down.

Likewise. Sold for 45.50, made some money.
This idea will bomb. I am sure they will re-think and come up with a way to grant a perpetual license to CC users after a specific version has been subscribed to for a given amount of time. So that at some point you can decide to stop paying and stick with the version you have.

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Jon Lewis: Humm they once changed the taste of COCA COLA where did that get them

will the same thing happen here .

You are correct. Adobe will have to re-think this.
As some have stated, if you switch to CC then you will never be able to open any of the files you edited with a new version of PS, Illustrator, etc.... unless you have an active membership. So if you think that once you retire you have time to look back at old pictures, forget it. No looking back unless Adobe gets paid. Your files are essentially useless.
I am keeping CS6 until this is resolved.

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onlooker: Perhaps the way to alleviate the anger would be to announce that anyone who subscribes for three years can keep the software permanently active without further upgrades, if one so chooses?

I commented similarly on Adobe's blog. I will not upgrade to the cloud until such a plan is in place. Otherwise, i will forever need to pay Adobe just to be able to open files that I edited under the CC license.

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bdcolen: I may be missing something here - But I have never imported files directly into PS or LR for conversion, but rather used the free-standing Adobe DNG converter, which just sits on my desktop til I need it. When I have a new card of images, I open the DNG converter, tell it where to find the proprietary raw files, tell it were to put them, what to call them, and what to number them, and hit start - and I get a folder full of DNGs. At some point I drag that folder into LR, and later move some images into PS. So am I missing something, or does this system not avoid the worrying about what version of PS I am using?

If you are using LR, then you can simply insert your card, then in LR go to Import and import the images as DNG to wherever you want them to reside.

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