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    I am not crazy!! Wait a minute . . .  Where are my clothes? Well, my socks are on, so I must be semi sane. I have the GX100, which is also a lot of fun to play with and requires minimal working of ...
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    The light and colors in the laundry scene are lovely.
  • Lovely, and the two members above summed up everything nicely about the image.
  • Replied in Ricoh Forums?
    Totally forgot about that site. The quality of images there is terrific. There was also Rangefinder Forum for the GXR/M module + lenses. I visited those two sites when initially researching Ricoh ...
  • Replied in Ricoh Forums?
    Yes, Facebook and Instagram, but not for the same level of discussion and info.
  • Thank you. I wanted to capture the rocks on the bottom of creek, the tree reflections and slight movements in the water’s surface. The goal was for individual parts to be recognizable and yet also ...
  • Thanks for the feedback. It’s good to know the JPEGs view well on another monitor. I did a series of images and plan to return for a few more. I am interested in printing and will test these ...
  • Created photo thread Among the golden topaz
    A couple images from a local creek at sunset taken with GXR/50 module. They are JPEG from camera. If I wasn't annoyed enough at myself for stumbling along rocks and hitting camera and lens during ...
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    Creek 5
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    Creek 1
  • Interesting. Won’t feel so bad if I can’t get with it. Feels like this is place to insert joke about cutting one’s nose off to spite the face (or in this instance, eye), but I can’t think of it.
  • I never knew there was such a thing as eye dominance. I can’t recall having an issue with the film SLR I used for more than 20 yrs, but I noticed when using the GXR with EVF that I naturally use ...
  • Sure thing! And I am glad there is much active discussion on this topic and want it to continue as necessary. I do not view previous decades of my life through rose colored glasses and recognize ...
  • Hey, Olifaunt — I got the 460 pg book that was published in conjunction with the 2014 exhibit, “Winogrand” (ed, Leo Rubenfien). It is beautiful and I recommend. I am curious how Dyer’s compares. I ...
  • I will have to check out this book. In 2014, I drove from Phila to DC and back in one day to see the Winogrand exhibit at the National Gallery. I spent 4+ hours at exhibit and could have easily ...
  • Got burned twice when I used iPhotos (during eight years), so I haven’t even considered Photos. I keep my images in a folder on my desktop, organized and identified in a way that makes sense to ...
  • Honestly, I haven't spent enough time exploring snap focus with any of my Ricoh cameras. It is next on my project list, as I want to learn zone focusing and hyperfocal distance. I struggle at ...
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  • Truly a minor spill, just some bruising. If the camera hadn’t been in my free hand, the fall wouldn’t have occurred. On the other hand, if I had released my foot from between the rocks, the camera ...
  • Really like the feel of this image. The texture and tone of the black and white are lovely.
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