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brighter_summer_day: Just watched the Jarrod's Tech review of the Asus G14, and, as expected, it's not a great choice for these comparisons.

Firstly: 5900HS is a chip designed for longer battery life, not better performance.
Secondly: It uses the 3060 6GB GPU when cheaper and faster laptops use the 3070 8GB.
Third: It's way overpriced at £1799 for the model DPR used (5900HS, 3060, 32GB RAM, 1TB).

In the Jarrod's Tech video it scores below many 5800H laptops with the 3070, which can be had cheaper and are faster. With the G14 you are paying more for a slightly smaller form factor and slightly longer battery life.

The Legion 5 Pro 16", with a 5800H, 3070 8GB, 16GB RAM, 1TB storage: Would normally be £1449, but I paid £1305 with a 10% discount anyone can get. You could opt for 32GB RAM for an extra £50, but it's better to upgrade it yourself. That's £500 cheaper than the G14 for a much faster machine.

So even though the G14 beat the M1 in many tests, a 5800H + 3070 laptop would have annihilated it.

Thoughts R Us: I've had to get my 2011 MBP repaired 3 times. My previous custom PC had 1 problem after 7yrs, my current one is problem free for 3yrs now. I've seen the large amount of people waiting at the genius bar to get their Mac repaired because even with an appointment, I had to wait awhile.

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Wesley on DPR: Do Alphas have a processing limitation or is it Sony's incompetence for the lack of lossless RAW?

Magnar W: When someone says lossless RAW, it's lossless compressed. Lossless uncompressed is redundant.

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On article Sony a7C review: Compact size, big sensor image quality (2234 comments in total)

Do Alphas have a processing limitation or is it Sony's incompetence for the lack of lossless RAW?

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Pixel Pooper: This camera is Sony playing to its strengths. Canon and Nikon's large mount strategy has not delivered on the promise of better IQ, but it has given Sony an advantage when it comes to compact form factors. This is what people want from mirrorless, not big ugly DSLR clones.

Speak for yourself. There is the other camp that want the mirrorless benefits (larger AF coverage, WYSIWYG EVF, etc.) without having our fingers feeling cramped and/or ergonomics sacrificed.

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schaeferjuergen: How are UHS-II SD cards cheaper when you need two of them to be at least as safe as with one XQD card?

FBoneOne: Not quite...D750 is a UHS-I only camera. As a D750 owner myself, I have no UHS-II cards at all because there is no performance gain with D750. I suspect it's the same for most owners as well.

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electrophoto: work for exposure: I don't get it how anyone jumps on that scam.
Sorry, your car mechanic won't fix your car for "exposure"... your surgeon won't fix your body for "exposure"... your local restaurant chef doesn't cook you dinner for "exposure"... and I'm still waiting for those guys building my loft for "exposure" (I promised them great reviews and feedback on my facebook page.)

Honestly... any company who has a huge name HAS THE MONEY to PAY for the work they need. Any low-on-money unkown business asking for "work done for "exposure"" ...

I have a standard e-mail that I send in reply to anyone sending me a request for such type of free work... friendly, mind you - but short and to the point:
"My sincere apologies, but I do not work "for exposure". For that I have neither time or money. If you truly want good work done, be willing to pay for it. If you are, then I am willing to put in my best effort. Otherwise this is a waste of time - for both sides.
Thank you & best."

Lets be real here. It's a lot more complex to be the professions you listed. None of them has a machine with an auto mode that can please 95% of society.

You'd be better off being a modern film photographer that can work the darkroom and produce daguerreotype, wet-plate, etc. The complexity is far higher than your next door neighbor digital photographer.

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Which one has wider/taller AF array?

For the Canon, if I do manual AF selection, is it still iTR?

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Peter62: The D5 may be fast, but in terms of dynamic range it seems to be a desaster!

Look here:


That's if you look at lower iso. This camera will likely be used in higher iso.

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Vitruvius: Interesting that Sony isn't even considered. Typical. I have used Canon and Nikon for sports. My Sony A77ii with Minolta 80-200mm f2.8 HS and a 2X teleconverter is much better than both these cameras. The Sony has IS built into the body, 12FPS with RAW and full time phase detect AF linked to real time object tracking. It also has adjustable front and back focus limiters. And the high speed shaft drive AF is much faster than any Canon or Nikon lens. All this with an old lens.
And of course everyone is going to spam me now with all the Canon an Nikon propaganda defending their investment. I love(d) Canon but they stopped innovating many years ago and now I have to use what works best and that is my Sony. I know there is very little chance that DPreview will ever take Sony seriously either. Oh well.

"Interesting that Sony isn't even considered."

Well yeah...because Sony didn't release a full frame competitor recently.
You should be complaining at the CORRECT comment thread (D500/7DII).

Is Sony support as robust & fast as Nikon/Canon?

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How is the distortion compared to the f/4?

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