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On article Dan Chung posts 5D Mark III vs. D800 video shootout (194 comments in total)

Looks like two able cameras to me. Seems no reason for canon user to switch and also no reason a Nikon user would consider going to Canon either. I'd call it a draw...

Link | Posted on Apr 4, 2012 at 19:20 UTC as 54th comment | 2 replies

How many cameras are we talking about over the lifetime of sales are we talking about here? Is those few hundred euros/camera really worth the bad illwill this will generate at this time?

This is a case study of how to screw everything up, blow any and all goodwill on a great product and highly desired ( at least that was before this price adjustment ) One simply can't make this kind of mistake.. its been weeks in the making and since that they only know find an issue. Nikon should suck it up! Now it will blow illwill over any good press on thie camera... What a bunch of management idiots

Link | Posted on Mar 26, 2012 at 15:08 UTC as 102nd comment

To little to late! The smartphone market has left Nokia to the same end story of Motorola. Its interesting technology, but nobody is going to buy their smartphone because it takes a good picture and nobody buys Nokia smartphones forthe phone part.

If the phone, OS isn't up to iPhone level who cares, they are irrelevant!

But interesting angle and why haven't the camera companies taken this angle...?

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On article Mirrorless camera buying guide (172 comments in total)

What a tease article, I'm so dissapointed! I saw the headline and started reading and reading and only finally get to the end to read that you'll publish your buyers guide in a few weeks. Hello, Christmas is what two weeks away, do you know many people have bought or be buying that compact or mirrorless camera in the next week? How many reviews are already out there on the most recent mirrorless. I used to come here to read about things first, these days come here and read for possible validation, but you guys are so behind the times on lens and this is an example of so late on a body review. Whats up with you guys?

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