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PixelMover: They also painted an entire mountain green after they cut down all the trees....

This article is about Hong Kong. Who is this "They" you are referring to? I would have you know that the Hong Kong Government or the people of Hong Kong did no such thing.

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lancespring: The UN clearly needs to punish China for its blatant destruction of the earth's environment. The Chinese are the world's worst criminals when it comes to promoting Global Warming, which threatens the lives of everyone on our planet.

Yet another clear indication of the corruption and lack of morality that exists within the Communist Party leadership in China.

You can start doing something right now... don't buy anything, I mean absolutely anything made in China, your clothes, electronics, stationary, books (printed in China), food... etc. Therefore if there's no demand for the manufactured products coming out of China then the majority of the factories are gonna shut down, there will also be less demand for power and natural resources too.

So, if YOU do this one simple thing, then YOU could drastically cut down on global emissions and natural resource use significantly.

Or YOU could bypass the UN completely, just call on the USA to airstrike all the factories and power plants, who need the UN anyway, take Libya and Iraq, and possibly Syria for example.

PLEASE NOTE, the last paragraph was sarcasm for those who didn't get it.

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This article and the source articles are very misleading. This was actually a hoarding board erected by the Architectural Services Department to cover a construction site on the Avenue of Stars in TST. It had nothing to do with smog or air pollution but it just happen to become another snap shot photo op for many tourist.


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micahmedia: I look forward to this using this as a 25-50mm/f1.2 equivalent on my m43 bodies with a speed booster. : D


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