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  • Hi Kleinheinz, if you prefer an AF  lens, take the Sigma 2.8/50 macro EX into account. I got my used copy in a near mint condition for EUR 170. Regarding the optical capabilities of this lens, it ...
  • Other brands are more popular in professional studios in germany, like Multiblitz, Priolite, Elinchrom. And quite often Walimex (Visico). Never saw a Bowens flash here.

  • There are indeed two versions of this lens, with and without OS. Some users mention the stabilization in their reviews ...
  • Hi Alex, I hope that you are right. Meanwhile I bought a used K-3II (1500 clicks and half the price of a KP) and do, what I like most: go out an shoot :-) Albert
  • Replied in Wrong screen
    I guess the Sony suffers from the stop loss of light due to the translucent mirror. Albert
  • Hi Alex, hi Simon, sorry, my fault, I have to apologize. There was some confusion with the K-70 where the announcement wasn't clear at that point (I am still not sure about this). The feature list ...
  • Hi Simon, you have to buy another Metz 52, 58 or 64. These can operate as master / controller. Alternatively can use a Pentax 360 or 540. It seems to be some kind of bad a marketing trick that the ...
  • ...I just bought the K-3ii. Thank you all, your comments were a bin help for me Albert
  • Created question thread Upgrade from K-5 to K-3ii?
    Hi, I had my 2 K-5 Bodies for 6 and 2 years now. One body died a while ago. Now I could get a K-3ii Body for 625€, 3 month old, shutter count around 1500 clicks. Has anyone done this update. What ...
  • Created discussion thread DFA* 1.4/50mm
    Good thing: it is on the roadmap, it is announced Bad things: no release date yet, no price yet Strange thing: The URL of the ...
  • Herzliche Glückwünsche nach Heidelberg. Ein Wahnsinnsbild, ganz großes Kino, cand1d. Chapeau!1! Gruß Albert oder lieber 41b3rt? :-)
  • The german importer of Jinbei studio flashes Foto Morgen has released a security information, that all users of Jinbei studio flashes shall immediately disconnect the devices from commecial power ...
  • Hi Petebuster, I own the Sigma, got it for 360 € and did not regrent it a second. It is a fine lens that I use wide open without any reservations. The only drawback is the distortion and CA at the ...
  • Hi, have you tried to clean the contacts on the camera? This solved a similar issue I had a while ago. Hope it helps Albert
  • Hi Federico, The Bilbo shot w/o flash was the first try. Camera hand held. We made 4 short sessions with 2 or 3 runs each on that day. Camera settings and my position were altered after each run. ...
  • Hi Tassos, hi Phil, focussing is hard with this lens, but the optical performance is fine. My Samyang has a strong front focus. AF correction does not work. So when doing portraits, I usually focus ...
  • Hi Gee Emm, my wife has a VW Golf 7. Her previous car was a Golf 6. She also had a Golf 4 and a Golf 3. Can you guess, what will be her next car? I do not need to know the precise specs of the ...
  • Brilliant, Phil! The first one is my favorite, a real masterpiece!!! Chapeau!
  • Salut johnami, il y a ton hyperlien: Le point important est sous l'image: "Il ...
  • Dale, the 2nd and 3rd shot are the reason, why I prefer a longer focal length for macro ;-) Nice shots!!! Albert
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