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  • Helstor .......... that's Beautiful!! .... john
  • Hi, Thank you all for your replies; they were very informative and helpful. ..... john
  • Created discussion thread Defragmenting SD card
    I have read that defragmenting and SSD drive is bad for the drive, and that the same thing applies to SD cards. Is this the case? If this is so, why is defragmenting harmful? Thanks .......... john
  • Great. So the lack of focus of the colours in the same area is what photographers refer to as 'fringing'? .... john
  • Great ..... thanks.
  • Hi fferreres , Thanks, this helps. So, in a word, I'm over simplifying what is probably a complex issue. So, in an achromatic lens, is it the difference in the two kinds of glass that make it ...
  • Hi, Perhaps I should have explained myself better. I have a box of lenses and filters which I have collected over the years. None of them have holders, so I have no idea as to their quality, except ...
  • Created discussion thread flat filter vs curved filter
    I hope this is the place to discuss closeup filters? (Some people call them dioptres?) I have a bag full of old filters and lenses; and I'm curious about what (if anything) the amount of curve on ...
  • Replied in F= f/492.2
    Hi Gato, Right, well, some of the Jazz pictures are OK, but the video is ..... 'not good'. What do you mean by "Actually got some cool pictures"?
  • Replied in F= f/492.2
    Hi mdmarqphoto, Well, to be honest .... it's a crappy camcorder. I got it really cheaply and thought I'd try it out. ........ john
  • Hi Rambow, There seems to be some doubt about the TG5/TG6. Do you have either of these? It's probably academic anyway, since I think these are out of my price range. ............ john
  • Replied in macro shot
    Hi Dak, Oh yes, the FZ150 will do it. But I'm trying to avoid dragging that behemoth around, when I go walking. ....... john
  • Replied in macro shot
    Hey Rambow, Thank you for the suggestions. I look into them. I guess I'm trying to make a silk purse from a sow's ear. I may just end up going back to my FZ150. More beautiful shots! Nice. ........ ...
  • Replied in macro shot
    Yes, and I take a lot, and I mean A LOT of shots before I get a good one.
  • Replied in macro shot
    Hi Tom, Well, your results speak for your method. Very nice!
  • Replied in macro shot
    Hi Dak, Yes, I sometimes resort to fixed focus, by guestimating the distance by half pressing the shutter button on something nearby then hunting around for my subject. One has to do that when the ...
  • Replied in macro shot
    Hi Tom, Manual, yes, of course. But I really can't tell if anything is in focus without a viewfinder, my eyesight is just not that good anymore. However, I do find that the T10 is very forgiving in ...
  • Replied in F= f/492.2
    Hi sludge, I normally use both Fastsone and or PIE, and they both give that number. .......... john
  • Yikes! That could have been expensive. .......... john
  • Hi Tom, I'm not sure what you're referring to. I don't have a WX220 .......... john Oops! I just saw opticsengineers post.
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