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  • I missed the reason the police were contacting him.   Do you know why or are you just making an assumption that the police had no PC to make contact? You don't honestly believe they were getting ...
  • Wait, supposedly he didn't have a gun.   He was only reading a book.   But in the next breath he had a gun....but the police planted it on him.   And the original post seems to conveniently leave ...
  • Do we know why they were contacting him or are you assuming they had no legal probable cause to make contact with him?
  • I respect your opinion, however do not agree with you on this one.   I feel many of these situations are much more complex than many realize.   "Deescalate" seems to be trendy and over simplifying ...
  • Don't forget about those evil and dangerous toddlers that are killing innocent people that were mentioned in this thread.  Fear the refugee toddlers! "In the US, the most prolific killers of ...
  • What are you talking about?
  • I advocate waiting for all the evidence in all cases...not just the incidents where the edited media video clips, selective biased wording designed to spark discord for financial gain, and those ...
  • How many black males were killed by another black male last week?  Last year?
  • First time I've heard that one.   Can you provide the link to that law?
  • Chris Rock - "get a white friend"
  • Replied in Wrong
    Can you provide examples? Are you saying the police only shoot white people when the white person deserves it?  Or maybe you don't know anything about the white people shot by police because you ...
  • My interpretation of the "Black lives matter?" comment is based on BLM being based purely on claims of police brutality.   This appears to leave most citizens confused as to why BLM doesn't focus ...
  • Like most articles in the media there is far more to the story and the clever wording is deceiving. Hate Crime laws do not infringe on ones freedom of speech as Dorian Gray mentions. However your ...
  • I often think it is difficult for people outside of the U.S. to comprehend some aspects of policing in the United States due to the way the media represents things. I found it interesting the ...
  • Purely my opinion, but I think you are wrong about Phil in this case.   Maybe you've forgotten about the flooding in Northern Louisiana early this year (maybe around March/April 2016).   The Duck ...
  • Update...since someone is being shot every 2 hours (average) more than 3000 shot. Unfortunate some paint a picture of the police being the problem -  being responsible for killing on a ...
  • Replied in Wrong?
    Between the media and social media we would probably know about every incident.  Where do you think the police hide the piles of extra dead bodies?
  • Replied in Wrong?
    Easily explained....the police do not "execute on the spot" with nearly the frequency some proclaim. Precisely correct.
  • In a prior thread the where you and I exchanged comments you made comments that were contradictory to video evidence about a the police handcuffing a guy that was clearly dead/lifeless.  You also ...
  • NAACP also makes the same suggestion of compliance.
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