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Loves Nikon gear except their software. Desperately sad at the Nikon Capture NX2 has been replaced with NX D which is a monument to bad software. This decisions has left people with libraries of pictures with edits that WILL become lost on a few years as technology moves on and makes running Capture NX 2 impossible.
.. and where is the pro level mirrorless?


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Peter Hayward: Pound? May I suggest the staff of DPReview get with the 99% of the rest of world and dump imperial measurements.

Well the UK did vote for Brexit so no surprise they keep looking backwards.

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I just use a cheap very light laptop for backup when traveling. It has 500g space, an SD card slot, wifi and I can see the images to give me confidence the back up has worked. I can even a surf for a web site if I need to. Problem solved:)

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PETA lost me years ago.

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Mr Nikon, ok so you abandoned the DL series. Why? Who knows? For me that was greatest disappointment ever from Nikon and I really was disappointed at the Capture NX debacle!
So now Mr Nikon, forget this distracting marketing fluff and bring out a compelling mirrorless asap. Perhaps a D850M :) Or in just a few years or earlier Nikon will be toast and thus no more anniversaries.

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Alaska Hawaii photos: If the upcoming Nikon mirrorless is a version of the D850 it could prove interesting.

Yep. Exactly the camera on my wish list. An 850 but mirrorless:)

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On article Hello Lightroom CC: Embracing the future (506 comments in total)

Exactly Rishi:)

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On article RIP Lightroom 6: Death by subscription model (1632 comments in total)

Given what I spend on gear, travel, courses, books and what I was spending on the Adobe upgrade mill I'm quite happy with their subscription model, quite happy indeed.

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DotCom Editor: Go back to about 1983 when IBM introduced the PC/XT, which included a 10 MEGABYTE drive. We all wondered how we would ever fill it. Of course, today, that wouldn't even hold a single RAW file.

Yep. I had one. I thought it was the Bee’s Knees then:)

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nodrog: Isn't this a composite?

...and a rather disappointing one at that

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One the one hand it's so sad to see a once competent company go through these ongoing troubles, on the other one has to give Nikon at least a little credit for not releasing a product that is 'faulty'.

One has to wonder though just why anyone would bother with this edition.

I just wish they'd concentrate on producing the world's best mirrorless professional grade cameras. i.e. mirrorless versions of the D5, D850 and D500. I fear if they don't the company is doomed.

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piratejabez: Instagram is YEARS behind DPReview :)

@Impulses I couldn't disagree more. I think the gang at DPR have done an amazing job with this site on both desktop and mobile. They need to be congratulated on showing the world what a html site can really do, particularly in the forums. The best bit is it has been done without an app.

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Hey that's a really great idea. One would have to watch the edge of a table though or I wonder does the device have edge detection and stop thus preventing a serious calamity?
Put it in a long channel/ tray for runs as long one like, even outside perhaps?
Yep a top idea.

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On article Ten things we're hoping for from the Nikon D850 (482 comments in total)

If it would be Nikon's first FF mirrorless that'd be something to really get excited about:)

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CameraLabTester: Camera manufacturers should get it in their minds that firmware updates ARE NOT RECEIVED WELL by those who own these models.

Every firmware update renders the user to a tedious download, tethered connection, and the risk of having the camera magically transform into a brick.


You are joking ... I hope!

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MikeFairbanks: They need to make it run full-scale Lightroom and Photoshop. If it only has 4gb of ram it will be slow (not sure if it has 4 or more).

Perhaps consider an MS Surface then or even better one of these ..

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Perhaps I'll stick with my V2 and 70-300 CX giving me 810mm equivalent and higher fps all the while saving me about AU$25k :)

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I still have a Xiamoi Mi4 because it supported Windows Phone 10 via Microsoft's Insiders. I'm now running their Android Mi8 on it with great success (but I prefer Windows Phone 10 anyday). A bargain phone that performs way above it's price level. The last price I saw was $115 before stock ran out. Now looking to the Mi6 for around half the price of the i7 so it'll do for me when my Mi4 breaks:) On a phone I couldn't care less about raw.

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I'm amazed that Nikon continue to waste resources on this awful software.
What is happening to Nikon? Are we witnessing the slow death of a once great camera company with really dumb decisions.
i.e the abandoning of the superbly spec'd DL cameras.
No new Nikon 1 V4
No Nikon mirrorless DX or FX camera. Sony and others will trump this market sector.
Persisting with Cooolpix's in a dead market sector.
Come on Nikon ...LEAD don't tease and abandon.

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On article Google will no longer develop Nik Collection (392 comments in total)

This is very disappointing, I presume especially for any of the original Nik development team members. I dare say though that the devs over at Topaz Labs are popping the champagne, if there are any left that is.

Google must have decimated this market sector and for what?

The Nik UPoint technology was used in the Nikon Capture NX software. It was a very clunky app but produced the best results for me. I also liked that Capture NX non destructive workflow and that the edit step history stored in the Nikon NEF files. No bl@@dy sidecar files!!

When Google took over Nik, Nikon had to give up on Capture NX and went over to the gawd awful Capture NX-D software. Software which just has to take the gold medal for a horrible UI.

One thing Google did do was they made me have another look at Adobe PS and LR. I have to admit a far better workflow. However all my previous years edits in NX force me to try to keep Capture NX. And I hate database centric photo apps. Oh well.

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On article Sony a9: Why being better might not be enough (766 comments in total)
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TheEmrys: What this article neglects is this body as the perfect camera for weddings. While sports pros will be hesitant, wedding shooters will look at this body while identifying a killer feature: silence. And there are quite a few more wedding photographers than there are sports shooters.

I agree. For me the number one feature is silence over and above every other feature. Silence is golden.

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